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Strains: Need some input from people widely experienced in diff dopes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Iscariot, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Alright so i want to collect a pretty wide assortment of strains, both to smoke and grow. So which strains just blow your fucking mind?

    I am especially interested in things like blueberry/grapefruit/ fruity tasting buds, i'm familiar with white widow and all that so:

    What are some sweet strains, and some awesome tasting strains?
  2. Well awesome sweet tasting, even bubblegum or whatever. So can anyone describe thesed tastes? they can't just taste like eating fruit.
  3. I was able to get a taste of some hydroponic Bubblegum at a grower's place and it was phenomenal, very smooth tasty smoke with a very strong, but balanced high. I also had experience with some Power Plant, it's a very strong sativa with a fun active high, it kept me awake when I was high which was a fun change from the normal couch-lock.
  4. shishkaberry is an excellent strain to try. also, if you're into fruity strains, try some bubblicious or sweet tooth!! good headie highs!
  5. if you want tasts/smell sour d is where its at.

    the tasts is soo amazing, unmistakeable

    and you can catch a wiff of it from afar if your burning it..
  6. I haven't had sour diesel, but I would go with all the really potent strains for that mind blowing effect. White Russian, Peak 19, G13, S.A.G.E., ...

    Blueberry isn't my favorite high (so sad, I know), but I can say the flavor is wonderful! Absolutely the best aroma... For me the aftertaste of SAGE is the best... I love it.
  7. By far my favorite would have to be a well grown indoor Northern Lights.
    The northern lights high I find to be incredibly unique and delightful.

    Some other strains of choice:
    White Widow
    trainwreck(careful with this one, don't plan to be too productive)

    Blueberry is tasty and fluffy but not very special in my opinion. If you want good tasting bud go with Sweettooth or maybe Orange Crush.
  8. Orange Crush
    trainwreck(my personal favorite)
    Northern Lights(probably the most unique high)

    ill be @ the club today so I'll look for more fruity buds.
  9. white russian, black russian, purple peace, purple erkle, the purple, jack herrer, OGKush, Bubba Kush, Purple Kush, White Widow...
  10. sweet dreams is nice and HOG is awesome
  11. I forgot about the Orange Crush, good call on that one...smokes almost too easily...
  12. I always cough like hell while smoking Herrer, but my favorite has to be super silver haze.

    Bubbleberry is good too, most people don't seem to like Carmella, but I enjoyed that bud.

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