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Strains for Social Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MulaMitch, May 24, 2010.

  1. Post some strains that help you with SA.
    Also strains to avoid.
    Thanks. :smoke:
  2. I would say sativas would be good for social anxiety since they make you want to socialize and indicas would probably be bad for it since it they can cause paranoid thoughts and make you wanna just lay around and do nothing.
  3. I've heard the exact opposite. From experience, sativas make me more paranoid whereas indicas mellow me out.

    To the OP, just try different kinds and see which one works the best. I've heard Strawberry Cough is good for anxiety in general, might wanna see if you can pick some of that up.
  4. Strawberry coughs good for anxiety.
    Maybe some gods gift, green crack, og krack.
    Try things.
  5. Sativas actually can go either way for me. I think it's entirely dependent on the setting. If I am in school, at work, or anywhere I feel uncomfortable being high, I am terrible in conversation. If I smoke a nice sativa and go out to a party then I am talking to everyone there.

    Haze kind of puts me out of it. And Indicas in general tend to turn me into a zombie. Any strains that are known to burn you out (generally indicas) should be avoided because I feel real awkward when I'm not fully into the conversation and I know they know.
  6. Weed, usually sativas usually increase my social anxiety. :mad:
  7. i would try blue dream. most of the clubs that actually put medical labels on their different strains, put it as a good anxiety and depression strain.
  8. I have Social Anxiety Disorder. I have had it since I was just a kid and only was diagnosed/realized it about six years ago.

    I did three years of 3/days a week psychoanalysis and finally my doc prescribed 20mg/day valium. This has done more for my anxiety than pot ever did.

    Sativas 'noid me out bad and Indicas make me retarded (in a good way, lol).

    But I don't use if I have to be in public.

    IMHO if you are having SA problems pot is not ultimately going to solve your problems. Go see a Psychiatrist, nothing wrong with that.
  9. Yeah, I agree with tele. While it helps in some areas, it's not going to be reliable. For the most part I am less comfortable high and being at all sketched out makes me nonfunctional in conversation.
  10. nyc deisel and og kush
  11. all weed helps. Smoke, smoke, smoke.
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  14. Be really careful about Valium I was on about 30 milligrams a day and I was addicted, badly, without my ever knowing about it, until I got off of it when I was throwing things and breaking things because I was so agitated, My whole body and mind changed and I went nuts. I was agitated so much I needed medication to calm me down - one medication for pacing alone. I was wearing out the carpet pacing back and forth in my condo. I was toast. That stuff is wicked. Watch out.

  15. its all in your head.

    just get out of it
  16. NY Diesel hands down. It works great for my anxiety. I think it's because it's a blend of sativa and indica. So far it has been the best for me. :)
  17. Now this is why I wish we had Dispensaries in New Mexico. Wow. :eek:

  18. Very cool, gonna have to pick up a quarter of it and try it out :smoking:
  19. The antidepressant Zoloft is specific for treating social anxiety disorder. Its been out long enough it should be available generic to save $.
  20. maybe your just an introvert...

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