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  1. So I've just grown and harvested some auto shotryder's but I was hoping that someone could tell me some higher yielding strains that will grow outdoors/ (green house) in the uk. They don't have to be auto's just as long they don't grow too high! Any info will help!!

  2. Hi there, im on my first grow and im in Ireland. Read up on Purple Power seeds, they are bred for us 8)

    Link to get seeds Purple Power Marijuana Seeds
  3. Forgot to mention they have very fast delivery.
    The companys address is not linked to weed or seeds in any way, very discreet!
    Bet you would have a hard time even finding them in the c.d case.:p
    Good Luck, Pog
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    Are you growing these now? They seem like the perfect plant for me from what I've read! And my last seeds came in a c.d case very inconspicuous. Thanks for the link 
  5. guerilla gold, C99, Mighty might crosses ... (aka semi autos) or super autos (big band kannabia- auto AK47 lowlife, etc...)
  6. good luck finding auto AK47 lowlife.looked at every seed bank that is worth a shit and none of them have it.reg. or fems.
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    Is that ak47 x lowryder #2?
  8. no it is lowlife automatic AK47 friend has 2 going and just finished far this is the best auto strain i've smoked but now i can't find any of the seeds.
  9. As I thought lowlife ak is ak47 crossed with lowryder! Which is auto flowering! I can get you a link to some seeds if u like? I have used the site b4 with super stealth and quick delivery
  10. they're all femmed. You can get them at DOpe seeds (where I got mine). I know Attitude is out of stock. The Kannabia big band is some massive auto as well that I grew last year. Killer smoke.
    Also Super cali haze, and Onyx are reputed autos.
    ALso Dutchbreed has good autos (reg)
  11. yeah thanks for the good info on the guys are the shiizzznit!.. . order in process!:D:hello::smoke:

    from dope seeds
  12. I highly recommend the Big band (cheap and feminized). They flower after 5-6 weeks of veg so get to be big "autos". (super autos)
    I got my Auto AK47 from dope seeds but the packs weren't from the breeder. But the guy from Dope seeds said they were legit and the breeder gave them like that to him. Mine sprouted and all so we'll see if it's true that they're femmed and the actual AK47. They're cheaper than on Attitude and I got 12 for the price of 10.
  13. Have you grown big band? I'm interested as to how they actually turn out! Yield, height ect...
  14. I would think about using autos as I find that all the non auto strains grow very tall even in poor sunlight and need lots of training. World of seeds Pakistan ryder and Diesel ryder are very good if you need to keep things small and stealthy.

    If you have more room then Sweet seeds make some very good autos these days, the cream caramel auto and Black jack are very nice :smoke:
  15. Yeah I grew Big band last year. It was killer smoke and grew to a 4 feet bush. Flowered at week 6-7 so was really good (big veg time). Nuggets were velvety and 9/10 in potency. Effect= couchlock. Taste= very good skunky tones
  16. both pakistan ryder and diesel ryder stink like hell (like all diesel/skunks), so I doubt those would be stealthy.
  17. I meant due to the height, most dank stinks good :smoke:
  18. yeah, you are right. those are very short strains. =)
  19. Well if I grow auto flowers out side I only use dianfem roodrunner auto's but I am in the UK and I am growing White widow this year out side. But try early girl they don't grow that big. And a nice smoke......

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