Strains for Organic growing

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by RamblingMan, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Wanted to see if anyone had strains that are favorites for organic grows. I'm growing white rhino and OG kush.
  2. ...anything from Subcool TGA genetics ;)
  3. TGA's beans are whack. If I'm starting fresh, I'd look into OG Raskal's genetics, any of em really. Right now I'm growing out Bubblegum from Female Seeds, Grandaddy White (GDP x The White) from Connoiseur and Violator Kush from Barney's Farm. Still have a couple Kosher Kush in flower too.
  4. I think any strain would do better in an organic grow than in a non-organic grow. I am of course bias, though.
  5. ^^^what Izzy said!^^^

  6. Green house seed company!!! PMSL!
  7. I don't think strain has anything to do with how well a plant will do organically. That has to do with your soil and capabilities as a grower IMO


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