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Strains for nausea, hunger, and pain, cancer

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Wonka, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Yea, yay another cancer patient, well been through chemo, radiation, doing antibody therapy currently, although I'm actually supposed to be done treatment all together this month, woot! So yea, thing is still skinny, like 120lbs skinny and dealing with weight, a damaged throat, pain still ect.

    What's a recommended strain for pain (lots of chest and throat pain), hunger, I'm hungry but I need to be hungry more often, and nausea (I am on pain meds already and have a hard time with them causing nausea.

    If you know just the strains great, if you know the seed makers that would be great.

    End of treatment oh F&%k yea, just need to recover now finally.
  2. Congrats dude, as far as strains for all that stuff, i'd suggest blue dream, OG kush and Querkle
  3. I second the vote for OG. Also Sour Diesel and Headband are some of the best.

    And yeah, congratulations for enduring all that and keeping positive!
  4. Ah, thanks, well it's no guarentee that all the cancer is gone, treatment just ends this month, re-scans are in May so I'll know then, but what I do know is they already removed the main tumor, and chemo/radiation killed about 95%the of the tumors in there, just a few stubborn sons of bitches lift lol.

    So votes for the og, I cant say I have OG, but what I do have is a DNA genetics recon seed. May not be pure OG, but I traced its genes back to L.A. confidential, which goes back to L.A. Affie or something like that, which I believe is a type of og kush. Although don't quote me on it.

    Querkle, I've actually tried to sprout seeds before, out of 4Baltimore's seeds, one grew bad, and the rest of the seeds didn't germ. I think I got a bad batch. I'm considering tga's seeds again and doing timewreck, and sagarmatha double diesel ryder and work with an auto diesel.
  5. Many patients have found that the appetite-stimulating and anti-nausea properties of cannabis can help to mitigate the drastic weight loss and weakness from wasting syndrome and the nausea of cancer chemotherapy, and help them to regain weight.

  6. [​IMG]

    Anyway, I would reccomend perhaps white rhino or another nice body-locking sativa such as an afghan. Trainwreck was what I used after my hip replacement to get over the nausea of the meds.
  7. Trainwreck is very well known for numbing pain, especially headache type pain. It is very effective to resolve anxiety in veteran smokers, for some the THC content may be too high and have a chance to worsen anxiety and paranoia.
  8. I use bud to relax my stomach when my acid reflux is bad so ii can eat and lately ive been picking up some purp that has really helped me out. A few hits before i go to eat and i have a much better time getting the food down
  9. OP, did you medicate while you were going through chemo/radiation?? or are you just starting up? sorry if i misread anything lol.

    just wondering, my sister was diagnosed with Stage IIA esophageal cancer. we're not in a mmj state but luckily i know how to grow my own. sounds like trainwreck and northern lights are what we'll be goin with.

    or is this a bad idea since we aren't in a mmj state? just thinking about those tests and blood work and so on, I know it would show up pretty quick.

    sorry i'm a noob when it comes to the medical stuff :eek:

  10. I mean this jokingly so please don't take offense when I say "thanks captain obvious" I've known those facts since 2006, it's just random chance I got cancer after I knew a lot of what I needed to know for MMJ. And it's CBD that helps with nausea, sleep disorders, and actually acts as a mild cancer cell growth inhibitor (which I definitely want and need).

    ~nods~ yea it helps, although I have insane acid reflux pain, bad enough to make me think I'm having a heart attack or got stabbed, may want to pick up an over the counter med too like an antacid, and with bud that may make eating twice as awesome than if you're just using bud alone. I speak from experience on that.

    I was medicating while I was going through chemo, and not during radiation, it's a matter of privacy for me when and where I bake at. But for chemo it was minimal amounts. Then I gained an option of growing, so that's why I'm asking about strains. and actually Maryland is a partial MMJ state, we just don't have dispensaries, farms, or caregivers. You just have to prove it in court if you ever get in legal hot water to prove medical necessity. I've done that already, so really I'm pretty safe.

  11. What I just had man, let me think... Skywalker OG Kush. It highly rated specifically for pain management, hunger, and sleep. :cool:

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