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Strains for Depression/Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by StonySmurf, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hey all. :wave:

    I have been diagnosed with clinical anxiety and depression, and offered artificial medication all my life. I've resisted them, worried I would change from the medication and/or develop dependency.

    In my later teens, I discovered marijuana and began self-medicating, as it always made me feel better after a day of stress and complication. Gradually, over the years, I began smoking more.

    More recently, not all strains give me the same euphoric effect.

    Was wondering what I should be looking for for a functional high that will help me cope with my depression and anxiety.

    Usually I'm in the best mood under the influence of a pure sativa, I believe...
    The issue is, I can't always get pure Sativa. Availability varies, but is always "Medical"... The issue is, I don't always know what said strains true medical purpose is. Are there any indica buds that don't knock you out and bring you up?
  2. Have you tried using a vaporizer? I've notice that pure sativa strains help with my depression as well. It is hard to find pure sativa around here, but I have noticed that I get a similar effect from smoking out of a vaporizer. It is more of the mental stimulation type of a high and less of couch lock high.
  3. I have an MFLB, I wish it hit me harder D:
  4. I just bought a V-tower and it hits pretty good. Best at 230-250 degrees Celsius. I haven't tried the MFLB yet.
  5. Strawberry Cough, if you can find it...developed specifically to counteract depression.

    If you can find Thai bud, that or some of the African land race based strains like Durban Poison are pretty much pure sativa.

  6. Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to get some cough at the dispensary next year when I'm living in Los Angeles. I've had it before and I can't say I really noticed it helping my depression a whole lot, but I suppose I'll reanalyze that as it was several months ago.

    Also, I may be going to University in Capetown next year so the African bud being good for depression is great news :]]
  7. Cannabis to treat anxiety is very subjective. Before I started experiencing symptoms, I could smoke all day. I still love the herb, but too much of any strain and I'm much more susceptible to an attack. If you are using marijuana for anxiety or depression, I recommend using a one-hitter. It is very easy to pack small amounts and wait to see if it alleviated your symptoms. Plus, if you have a strain that is too potent or not good for anxiety, you have only taken one small hit.
  8. Sour D

    strawberry cough

    blue dream

    headband, sometimes makes me a lil more anxious.

    all those have helped with my anxiety and or depression, the blue dream, sour d, and strawberry cough, more so with the depression.
  9. id recommend barneys farm LSD. it has a very euphoric feeling that ive never run across before. it does a number on my anxiety and doesnt slow me down anymore than i need.

    good luck. feel better
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    Ah headband was a bit too strong for my anxiety and as you said, made it a little worse. Great strain though for a recreational smoker.

    Although purple is commonly indica and known for heavy stones, purple strains seem to help me in low doses. I've been smoking some Purple Razz (Razzmatazz some places) and a small hit or two slows my racing mind and really helps me mellow out.

    Once again, overdoing it with any strain will most likely be rough on anxiety.
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    I just picked up a 1/4 of strawberry cough. And Its really helping with my depression.
    couple nights ago I took a bunch of smallish bong rips, and all I could think was. "Everything is gonna be all right"
    And last night, I mixed in a little bit of sour D, and It was a great high. I recommend it.
    Don't milk your piece like crazy, keep a good mood going in to the smoke. And you'll be fine. Good luck buddy.
  12. I have the same depression/anxiety problem and 2 good hits off pipe with my GDP and it mellows my rushing mind too. Small body relaxing too. Now I can say that's good for anxiety but not sure for depression. In my mind I have the word euphoric coming from sativas and makes me think that if I smoke sativa, my anxiety will be worst. Am I right? Btw tomorrow I'm getting some mango, good indica taste

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