Strains and Plant Genetics

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Uncle Shizzy, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. I,ve been growing Blue Widow and Critical + for a year now and decided to try something new.
    I ordered Sensi Seeds Limited Edition Big Bud and Dutch Passion The Ultimate and I recived Some free seeds with it.
    G13 Super Skunk Feminized
    Dinafem Blue Widow REG
    Dinafem Deisel Reg

    I was thinking about starting my feminized stuff first . save one each of the best as mothers then clone. Then start the regulars if a male turns up Ill move it to my buddys house until their ready then bring over a floweing female and pollenate .Then I grow seeds to have my own crossbreed. Mabee a Male Deisel X Big Bud
    or (Male Blue Widow X Super Skunk) X (Male DP The Ultimate x Big Bud )
  2. I also Have a couple other seeds that are 4 years old

    Orient Express REG
    and Vietnam Black Reg

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