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Strains and extracts?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by HoneyOilS7, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. I've recently been wanting to buy thc wax and cbd crumble, but I wanted to get a certain strain. If I got an indica dominant strain in thc wax/shatter form would it alter the effects. Should I be looking for certain strains that are indica or sativa or should I look at the thc and cbd percentages. I know that when weed is extracted the potency level go up by a lot. If anyone knows the answer or websites that might help please reply.
  2. The effects of the original strain should also be present in concentrates made from that strain, but the closer to 100% thc the concentrate is, the less room there is for other healthy materials that might be present in the original herb. 100% thc isn't as healthy as a lower percentage thc plus other plant compounds.

    You should be looking for effects, as well as %thc and %cbd. Most people prefer indicas for sleep, sativas for daytime use, and hybrids anytime. Careful with the cbd. Some of us don't sleep well when using it, but it is very healthy stuff, and useful for reducing the thc high.

    The website can give you data on different strains.

    When concentrates are from regular herb, the total amount of thc doesn't increase (some is lost), it just gets more concentrated.
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  3. Thank you for the answer, I was getting a gram of thc shatter and cbd cumble, but was debating on the strain. If the bud was indica after extraction would it still be indica even tho it's extracting thc(reverse for cbd)
  4. All marijuana contains thc, so that's not what determines strain type or name. It's the other chemical compounds, such as terpenes, that do. Some dispensaries are even giving terpene profiles for their strains, as well as thc and cbd content.

    Those terpenes and other medicines in the original herb should be mostly present in the concentrate, depending on extraction solvent used, so the effects will be similar for regular herb and concentrates.

    But 100% thc concentrates won't contain the other medicines, and the closer to 100% thc, the less of those other things.
  5. From experience...
    A 50/50 hybrid and a 1-5% cbd level is about optimal for relaxing and getting some solid sleep.

    Not racy, but kind of dreamy. Takes a few hits, but that allows some room in case you worry about over medicating.

    Blackberry concentrate was nice. Can't remember the company though. :(

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