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Straining bong water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Savage Henry., May 16, 2011.

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  1. So, I've been toying with this idea for a while, and decided to try it out. I've been saving up my bong water in a gatorade bottle for a little while, and I just completely filled it today. So, I took out the bottle and let it sit out on the counter for a little bit so all the shit in it could settle. Once it was settled, I poured out a lot of the water so I just had the black shitty stuff in the bottom. Then, I poured that into a coffee filter and just got a bunch of black, almost powdery-looking stuff. I rolled that up into a ball, and here I am. So, my question is- Would this stuff get me high? I mean, I know I can just smoke it and find out- but I just thought I'd post on here and get your guys' opinion on the matter. Thanks, guys.
  2. Pretty sure atleast some of that is going to be ash. Otherwise i don't know.
  3. Sounds gross but worth the experiment I guess
  4. How high are/were you?
  5. That sounds nasty as hell I would never smoke anything that came from's bong water man
  6. That desperate are ya?
  7. Smoke it, its probably black because the weed was partially burned before it pulled through into the water. I often see good bits of green in my water too.
  8. Yeah, because this really contributes to the thread, right?

    Also, I just wanted to know if there was any use for all this bong water I've been pouring out the drain. If there is resin in there, I want to be able to save it up for when I'm hard up for cash or anything. Christ.
  9. just drink the water next time.
  10. Your smoking resin, so if you like smoking resin go ahead. People on here will swear by it, but me personally I say fuck that shit. It's just nasty, anything worth smoking has already been burned out of it.
  11. dude....i heard if u take that shit intravenously you get fuckin STONEDDDDDD:hippie:

    ...(dont actually try this...)

  12. Jesus fucking Christ. Honestly, how different is straining bong water from scraping a bowl? Which, I'm sure you've done before. Dont try to act like you're in some way superior to me with your snide-ass comments. I'm asking a legitimate question and I'd appreciate legitimate answers. For instance "No, thats probably not a good idea." instead of you posting some stupid-ass picture you found on 4chan or something.

  13. No, actually I haven't.

  14. yeah, and then i proceeded to throw the resin out and pack another one

    the difference? that shit has been soaking in the water full of ash and toxins.

    And dont call me jesus fucking christ, im a real person.

  15. Are you GetaJob? Because thats the person that post was directed to, as evident by the fact that I was quoting him in the beginning of the post, thanks.

  16. yeah ewb is me.
    you gonna get mad over it bro?
    have you considered my picture from 4chan or something was an answer enough?

    usually when you get flamed its a bad idea so an answer to your question

    No thats probably not a good idea.
  17. To help contribute to this thread, Yes it gets u high. Simply strain it and smoke it wen its dry. I do it all the time.
  18. think about what jackie chan would do
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