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  1. So usually when I get a bag of weed in my non medical state I don't ask what strain it is because they usually don't know. But sometimes my guy will be like it's some < what ever > and I figure since he's already got me on the sale why lie to me to make it seem like better stuff then it is. Anyway so when ever they tell me I goto leafly and check out the effects and smells. And every time he tells me the strain I think he's right.. This also could be my mind playing tricks on me, because my brain thinks it knows what it's suppose to smell like. So my question is what strain do you want to try, if you don't know what leafly is google it, it's cool.

    tl;dr : what strain do you want to try, use leafly if you don't know any strains.

    Answering my own question:
    Alaskan Thunder Fuck

    Now looking at the medicinal purposes of ATF I feel like their are grandmas that are going into dispensaries and they have to ask for Alaskan thunder fuck for their arthritis. Lol keep on tokin

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  2. Sooo to answer your question: I want to try them ALL............Leafly is ok but their descriptions are usually piss poor.  Google the strain and look and multiple sources and you will get a good idea of what it's suppose to smell/taste/look like and of course the effects. 
  3. Harlequin or Charlottes web

    Not too big on THC

    Omega369 :wave:
  4. To solve your problem, smell it, smoke it, and feel the effects. Then read the reviews on it from several websites to make sure you aren't thinking it smells or tastes a certain way because you just read it.
    I honestly can't think of any strains I want to try other than the original panama red on colombian gold. I had my license for two years and my friends had theirs for a year before that. So I was lucky enough to try over one hundred strains.
  5. Always had a hard time being able to smell things when I'm high, my of my sences merge together for some reason... I can NEVER recognize voices when I'm blazed,
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    Durbin Poison
  7. sourflower hehehe
    GC's sourflower smokes sourflower, it's cannabilism! -get it... Cannabis?- :hide:

    Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  8. I love going to that site and checking out all the different strains

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