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Strain Thread - Whatchu smokin’ tonight?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by OZs_786, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Wanted to make a thread solely for admiring nice buds or whatever, so here I am!
    Well! The title sums up what I’m talking about —so, whatchu guys smokin’ tonight?
    I smoked a doob earlier of some Girl Scout Cookie, nice batch too, cured real nice.
    And, I just bought some Dip N Dabs for all my concentrate smokers!
    Pretty sweet stuff, I have the cured resin of Biker Kush and Live Resin Sugar of some Sour Alien.
    Have yet to try that Sour Alien, but the Biker Kush has a Kushy kinda backdrop but the main smell comes off as like musky/musty smell — if you guys aren’t familar it’s kinda like a Jesus OG kind of rank.. nice though! Dabs nice and is nice and potent..
    Pretty stoney balogna right now :smoking-bong::hookah:
    Probably gonna hit the sack now blades, but please, feel free to leave a reply on what’s in your head stash!
    Happy smoking, blades!

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