Strain that won't stink up the house?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kronikkk, May 8, 2011.

  1. I put this in the seedbank forum but it probably more belongs here. What's a good strain that will have little to no smell during flowering??
  2. Dude, you're growing weed. I don't know that you'll be able to find a non smelly strain.
  3. I was told Arjan haze #3 doesn't smell so bad during flowering ,but i dunno well see im growing some. Also northern lights and Blue mystic are some you should look into
  4. Sign me up for that!
  5. Alright so I've decided to order Northern Lights from the dutch seed bank. I'll throw in a couple air wicks for good measure :smoke:
  6. I smelled some super stinky northern a few times that for sure :D but there are some that smell less than others.
  7. Dudes, why not pick a strain that has an "air freshener scent"? Lemon, pine, berry- you just mix the right air freshener and strain!
    So, what's that smell?....... Just your brand new Lemon scented air freshener!
  8. Absolutely need some type of odor control regardless of the strain. Smell is probably one of the main reasons for grow busts. Like nike just do it!
  9. Yep...chances are its gonna stink during flowering. Well, hopefully it does anyway.
  10. I'd like to weigh in with Cinderella 99!!! In addition to being an easy plant to grow and very forgiving, she has a very, very, very light scent.

    When I'm in my weed room, I can smell her, however, with the door open, I can't smell her in the next room, and I have 10 plants in full flower and zillion (more or less) clones.

    C-99 would be my recommendation if you order seeds again and need something that doesn't smell much. :wave:

  11. Your going to need more Airwicks. Its going to stink and as time goes on badly. get a carbon filter, HEPA air filter thing from Home Depot, odor maskers. Its how fools get caught unless you live in the boonies.
  12. I just throw in a carbon filter and it'll be fine?

  13. Well most carbon filters attach to a air intake system to filter out air thats going out. Say you cant do that you can get a HEPA air filter system from Walmart and place it outside the tent/grow room or in it. Those are about 50-100 bucks depending on the size and require filters to be changed periodically.

    You can use various things to mask odor to. Some work well some not very well at all.

    You can try the below link. I have a Carbon Filter and this outside my tent and zero odor in my house or even in the room that my grow tent is in in my apartment.

    You will have time though assuming you have not started growing. They do not stink right away it kinda builds up as it gets larger then when flowering hits full speed stench.

    Without any odor control though its a very distinct smell and it will radiate through out your house and if you live in a apartment like myself then eventually you will get a knock from some people you do not want to ever meet. Then you get to get traded nightly for sex for a pack of cigs from a very large man who wants to make you his wife :).

  14. Does the ona itself smell? Or is it odorless and just neutralizes odor?
  15. ONA comes in two I have is Fresh Linen. Smells nice at least to me. Its very potent though. I think its about 16 bucks off Amazon. They do sell ONA Spray, ONA gel cans etc if thats the route you wanna try.

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