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  1. Going to buy my first batch of seeds soon and was wondering what everyone's opinions was on the best starter strains. Im growing bag seeds now but im almost ready to switch to the good stuff.
  2. White widow but probably best if u don't use that on your 1st grow. So Go with the ultimate easy to grow and niccce hard buds...
  3. WW can be fickle sometimes. I always recommend Northern Lights or a NL cross for a first grow -- it isn't the sexiest strain but it's hardy, potent, stays relatively low, finishes relatively quickly, takes well to training, and some phenotypes are even low odor.
  4. Go for Afghan Kush Ryder Not too expensive from attitude.
    One of the highest THC raitings (22.? thc) You can harvest within 60 days from seed and it doesn't get over 3ft isn't that wonderful?

    Also its an auto flower so you don't have to worry about lights on lights off just keep them under 24/0 and your electric bill won't look funny. It's my first real grow and its going great.
  5. So you just leave the lights on nonstop?
  6. Yep. Cannabis only "works" or produces under light, while in the dark it just waits for the light to wake back up...some people disagree but theirs a name for that kind of plant (lots of plants not just weed is like that) Theirs multiple studies if you google it. It doesn't need to rest its a plant it loves to thrive. If you have cooling issues then 20/4 is good for autos. or even 18/6 but it will grow a tad slower.
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    20/4 is beta. All plants need there dark ness it's where they grow in the dark. How the he'll r they ment to grow slower. No sleep well stresses the plant out. But sorry mate I don't agree with the 24/0, it's just every thing living needs to sleep.....

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