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    Hey guys, I'm looking for some strain recommendations. I wanna try out a new strain after my 3rd Northern Lights grow. Also, cheap seeds is a must for me. Like no more than 30 dollars per 10 seeds or around there. I'm looking at the Attitude seedbank. The Nirvana and KC Brains seeds on there are in my price range so I'm also open to suggestions from those guys. If you know of any other cheap companies that would be great.
    Anyway, I'm looking for something low odor (I lack proper ventilation), short or medium height, indoor. Preferably something with potent and dense buds. And relatively easy to grow. Short flowering is a plus. Potency would be the main thing to look at.
    I would love to grow a purple strain but most of them I hear aren't very potent. So if you know of any decently potent and cheap purples would be amazing too.
    Any ideas?

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  3. I've not had any problems with attitude, though I opt for stealth shipping. I changed to "auto's only" a while back and am getting ready to run two Afgaha Kush. My last Moby Dick didn't have much odor and it was potent. My potency is always good though. G13 Labs diesel was pretty darn good too.
  4. Looks beautiful! I've been considering that one. along with Bubblelicious as well, any of you guys ever tried that?

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