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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by J-Dizzle, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Hello GC! I'm a new member (been lurking for a while, though) and this is my very first post. Due to a lack of good weed in my area, shady dealers, and droughts I've decided that I'm going so start growing my own weed for personal consumption. My grow box will be roughly 5 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide, and 1 1/2 ft. deep, and I'm planning on using around 200 watts worth of CFLs to veg and a 150w HPS bulb supplemented with the proper flowering CFLs (on the sides of the box) during the flowering stage. I'll be growing in soil and plan to implement LST in order to get max yield in not a lot of space.

    That being said, I'm looking for a suggestion of three strains to grow. I'm thinking of one strain that's primarily sativa, one that's primarily indica, and one that is about 50/50 or something close to it. I'd really like to try White Widow (prim. sativa) and Northern Lights (it's a classic!), but I'd like other suggestions because I admittedly know very little about the variety of strains available. My only desires in a strain is a high yield and an average-to-high THC content. The current plan is to buy individual feminized seeds from

    Also, what do you think of my setup? Will the space and lights grow 3 plants to maturity and produce some great bud? Any suggestions on that?

    Thanks so much for any help. Really excited to be a part of this community!
  2. id say with only a 5' tall cabinet, you should find a short plant, or LST the plant. with the pot and light, plus the air space between your light and the plant, you may only have 3' of actual space to grow the plant.
  3. imo i would stay away from the sativas for a grow box...stick with nice fat jucy indicas!

    heres a few.
    Sensi Seeds - Hindu Kush
    Dutch Passion - Mazar
    DNA Genetics- Lemon Skunk 60/40 (sativa)(indica)

    good luck...
  4. I'll Throw my Suggestions Out There Also, Prolly Wanna Go With a Master Kush or NL But Theres Literally SoMany Options Just Search Some More. I Decided On The Church and Phatt Fruity From Greenhouse Seeds Co I Have a HOMEBOX XS 2ftx2ftx4ft tall

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