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  1. Whenever I'm trying to find information on certain bud, I get it off google. Why not make a section for that here? Like a database.
  2. A very nice suggestion. We will evaluate this in future.
  3. ^^smoke reports only cover the ingestion^^

    IMO, we DO NEED an actual "Strain Database" that users can find , not only smoke reports( or links to ) but GC members; average yield, flower times, nutrient preferences, Etc. .

    Going thru the Journals is pointless anymore, too many of em . and too many of those are either ...

    A. 100+ pages long. when the only shit you care about is on 10-20 pages, it takes longer to find the info then to read it. add to that the inability to modify our own posts after 2 weeks, there no way for Journal'rs to add links in the OP for each new strain they are working. (sure, we can ask a mod ..but who the hell does?)

    B. are unfinished.

    Just FTR, how a "Strain DB" would work here on GC, I have no idea. :eek: But I too would like to see one.

  4. Thanks for considering the suggestion :) It would really help out alot of blades make decisions in getting medicinal bud or when ordering seeds.
  5. right.

    im picturing something more than just a subforum where you start a thread.

    a huge database in alphabetical order would be sweet :smoking: any blade should be able to create a new page for a new strain not covered in the database, but it should have to recieve moderator approval first (for no repeats, people writing things like -=Super Lemon Haze=- it doesnt need the design just the name, accurate reports)

    grasscity could potentially have the most extensive strain database on the net!

    a marijuana strain wiki? sounds great!!!

  6. grasscity, Founders of the strain wiki....
  7. I do believe there already is one
  8. they have no pictures and very limited information on strains.....that is if they even have an article on what you are looking for. :D

    you guys can do way better than that website.

    weedwiki is what i am referring to.

  9. cannabis wiki is like the OWS of the marijuana movement.... just less organized.

    and weed wiki's last update was in like '09.

  10. Grasscity is the number one marijuana website on the net in my opinion. If there was a strain database aswell, than I'm positive that everyone would agree that grasscity is the most informative marijuana based website.
  11. sheesh not even one entry for Creame Sodica , what kind of site is that ? ;):rolleyes: ( + rep if you can remember that one's breeder, without a search)

    has absolutely no growing info, :mad: only smoke reports & dispensary info/ads. A pretty snazzy categorization system for med patients/tokers :smoke::D . now, if they had grow info too......

    just an simple Q&A form that could have multiple choice answers to check off ( Blue text = questions, regular text are multiple choice answers )

    Weeks of flower
    - 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 13+
    Weeks of veg- 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10+
    location/type- Indoor Outdoor Greenhouse Micro
    # of Phenotypes- 1 2 3 4 5 5+
    did it change color ? Yes No
    if so, please check which ones apply: Leaves Calyxes Pistils Stems
    What color ? ( and give em a list of common colors like purple, black"ish" and pink to check off )
    # of plants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10+
    yield per plant ? enter in a number in a box. then click off "Grams" or "Ounces" ( or just make it Grams)
    Yield per grow ? ( see above)
    Nutrient needs Heavy Normal Light

    I'm sure there are other grow questions to asked

    then add all the other smoke report questions ( or add this to them ..). I'd also be cool with any of the strain and dispensary sites adding those to their strain questionnaires. (including Leafly :cool: . no need to reinvent to wheel )


    Wish the old Grofiles was still viable. damn you Marc and your arrogance( just not so far as to have to do prison time :eek:).
  12. Just interested, what's going on with this?
  13. great idea! this needs to happen. If this site can make a god guide then the site will become even more popular. If this site is lookign for guest then that's the way to invite them in.
    I have found nothing online not even lefly is as good as I wish it was.
  14. Something like this will be built in within Grasscity and will be published with the planning updates on first month of 2013.

    Please feel free to welcome any of your suggestions detailed which can help us during development phrase ( which is an ongoing process right now )
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    Awesome! I will be putting in some input soon. Hopefully the guide will tell people that there bud might not be exactly like the guide says due to there growing conditions. I've seen lots of web site saying it grow like this and that. But when it comes down to it, It's how you grow personally.
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    There will be many improvements , crazy number of improvements actually :) I am super excited on those :)

    Removed the feature teaser for surprise :D
  17. Could it be possible to get a notification when your quoted?
  18. there are already quote notifications for premium members.

    an alphabetized database would be awesome.

    any user should be able to submit anything about a strain, with moderator approval ,depending on the amount of submissions. if not, at least require everything to be reviewed by a moderator so we dont run into to early-wikipedia type blunders.

    to create a page on a specific strain, i think the "advanced post" layout works. A space for title, description, photos (you can select a specific one for the "title picture), average THC content, etc.

    comments should be allowed underneath the page of information, like how the photo gallery works.

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