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Strain ratings and opinions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PsychoTheRapist, May 10, 2011.

  1. Just curious as to what you guys think is the best strain you had so far and why it was the best. Dont just name a strain, you have to give a description of the type of high and what it was called and how much it went for so we can come up with standards and catalogue it all. Hybrids are ok too.

    Sour diesel/headband hybrid:

    Gave me a body high and lasted about 4 hours using a vape. Gave me couchlock and drymouth. I collected a small vial of kief after grinding an eighth through the Sharpstone ( will weigh kief soon) and an eighth goes for $40 at my local dispensaries.
  2. Il give it a 7.5/10 marklurs
  3. I've had two that were spectacular, and you don't encounter many actual name brands on the east coast. But these two I particularly trusted, because they were the best I've ever smoked.

    Jack Herer - The best part about this weed is it was fresh, imported to Maryland straight from Cali. The smell was incredible, a little piney and spicy, with sweet undertones that just made your mouth water. The high was quickly onset, and the perfect mix of relaxation and euphoria.

    Casey Jones - This had a sour, almost acrid smell. It kind of made me cringe almost every time I smelled it. But it wasn't a bad smell-I did keep going back for more. But the high was the best part about this. It was extremely uplifting, and very cerebral. The first two bowls I smoked with my older brother, and it led to a three hour philosophy discussion. We seemed to have lost track of time, however we remained very entertained.
  4. The only time I've ever been told I was buying an actual strain it was Purple Kush. Whether it really was or not I don't care. There were bits of purple and it was the best weed I've ever smoked .1/.2 out of a gravity bong got me really ripped for a good 2.5 hours.
  5. sliver haze x green crack- picked this off from one of my guys. has a very heavy pine taste and smell. the nugs were really fluffy and pretty sticky and the high was straight satvia. shit is straight up 10 weed.
  6. G-13 from Amsterdam. Quite fruity smell with a hint of spice. Very strong smell. Very dense buds. 9/10.

    It knocked me on my arse. I lay on my bed listening to Daft Punk and Deadmau5 with my eyes closed. It was an incredibly intense experience. It happened for around an hour, 2 hours ago. I'm still buzzing really strong, the music just forces you into a couchlock with a lot of 'hallucinations' (not just lights) with your eyes closed.
  7. I've been hearing about g-13, supposed its a gov't strain developed for Max potency.
  8. I had some lemon kush and alaskan thunderfuck, twas the best bud i've ever had.
  9. Rox...old strain from Paradise - real indica/body stone...seriously, if you can get any put Rubber Soul or Tubular Bells on and you'll trip balls

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