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Strain of weed called Morning Glory????

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by D9_THC, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. I've always known Morning Glory as a mild hallucinogen used in LSA legal highs...

    But this website:

    In their list of strains of weed it has one called Morning Glory which they say has very mild hallucinogenic effects....

    Anyone know about this strain?
  2. Never heard of it, I don't really deal with 'strains' of weed though, usually a dealer will call the weed he has something or other to make it seem more attractive. Of course, I've also seen dealers call one strain of weed something completely different when I knew for a fact that it was something actually more potent than what he was claiming it was. Sometimes people just don't know what they're talking about I suppose.
  3. Ummm well no i've never heard of this strain of weed, but theres thousands of strains, people are crossbreeding weed all the time. Umm but i do know of the plant morning glory, i have a few in my momma garden, i heard the seeds can fuck you up if its from the right kind of morning glory, but i'm not too sure and never tried it. Just stuff i heard.
  4. yes there is a strain called morning glory and in fact i just got my hands of an 1/8th today. its super bomb ( 50% Sweet Tooth, 50% Super Silver Haze )
  5. This thread was made in 2002...
  6. lol damnit ... thats what happens when you go on forums stoned and dont pay attention
  7. I've heard of morning star... never morning glory though... oh well, i'm sure there's something called that out there somewhere, lol.
  8. well its cool that it was finally answered.. i'm just wondering how you stumbled into this thread, its old!
  9. hahaha that is funny..3 years old and it's brought back
  10. lol i was just searching for morning glory since i just picked up some today, didnt even notice the date - this shit rips!

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  11. yea man this shit kills :) :smoke:
  12. I wake to to a Morning Glory in pants errday..
  13. Have you read through this topic at all...?
  14. In 2005
    In 2009
    Revival much?
  15. awesome...a thread from 2002....
  16. That or theyre talking about Morning Glory Seeds.
  17. hahah another blazed person to revive this thread again :smoking:
    Ive heard of morning glory, just never tried it before. never had the chance to get it to try
  18. (what's the story)
  19. obviously weed never dies ;)

    There is a strain in Oregon called Glory. It's a heady Indica crossed with an outdoor grown Sativa blend. That's about all I know about it. That and it fucking rocks!!

    Don't know about a strain called Morning Glory. I know about the family of plants of the same name . . .

    Morning Glory is not one plant but rather is the entire Convolvulaceae family with over 1,400 species of flowering plants and 50 genera.

    Often times it looks like creeping vine or something like that. NOT suggested to smoke.

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