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strain names?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by illk37, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. I was just wondering how much you guys care about strain names? when i buy from dealer i usually don't ask for the strain name because most of them lie about it this bad? everybody always asks when we smoke what kind of shit i have and i just say i don't know which makes them doubt it a little..what do you guys think? should i ask for the name noww?

  2. most of the time, strain names are bullshit.
  3. ya i only care about a name if im getting it from the grower
    other than that it's meaningless
  4. agreed that strain names are bullshit but....whn buying headies versus mids its nice to know. if you are truely getting what it's called it helps. also its a good way to tell if you're getting ripped off. i can tell jack and kush by smell and taste. if someone were to try to sell me crap that was called kush id call em out. really all that matters is headies, mids, schwag, and is the price right.
  5. It kinda bothers me the way people are about strain names sometimes. Its all weed.All I care about is the quality and I also like to know if its a sativa or indica cause thats the only thing that really makes your high diff.(but I dont ask, I just fnd out when smoke it).

    A guy will be like...o shit check out this kush I overpaid for bc its supposedly that strain when it turns out my no name dank is dankier

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