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Strain Names?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by choyng720, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. With legalization spreading more are the strain names your dealer tells you more accurate than they were in the past? For example I live in MA and my plug doesn't always know the strain name but every once in a while he will say it is a certain strain. Do you all still believe the strain name is nothing more than a marketing gimmick or could black market dealers in legal states know strains and what not. Sorry if this doesn't make complete sense I'm pretty baked.

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  2. On a large scale I'd say yes. Especially since lots of people sell bud on the black market that comes from medical or rec shops. But in specific cases it may not make a difference. Either way strains matter more for growers than consumers. One white widow even from the same exact mother plants seeds could be different than another white widow. And there's plenty of seedbanks selling white widow. As an example.

    Ask if it's more sativa or indica if you can as that's more important than strain. Strains do exist so that genetics of plants can be kept and perfected but they are also used as a marketing tool and often times it's not very important what the name is.
  3. Thanks bro, that's what I normally do in asking if it's indica or sativa. I was just asking because I have been noticing how back when I started smoking my plug never knew strain names and only could tell me if it was indica or sativa. But now I hear all these fancy names and percents and what not and didn't know if it was a marketing gimmick.

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  4. Yeah don't worry too much about it. I mean don't get me wrong there is legitimacy to strains but it's not as important as lots of people think.
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  5. It's not uncommon for dealers to throw a name at weed. It may not even be the dealer you're messing with, it could of been his supplier and you're dealer doesn't even know. Weed sells faster and for more money when it has a name. Unless you're getting it from the grower or you know you're dealer is for sure getting straight from a grower and you trust him don't put faith in any street named weed. 50/50 chance the strain name is legit

    Also don't listen to the percentages. Just because leafly lists strain X at 20% does not mean the weed you have in front of you is 20% even if it is the correct strain. Unless it's been tested at a lab there's no way too know the percentages. Sources like leafly or breeders info list the best recorded percentages. Not every plant is grown to those specifications

  6. I live in the UK where weed isn't legal, 90% of the time my dealers know what the the strain is if they don't they'll straight up tell me they don't know

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