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    Screenshot_20170604-103156.png Has anyone tried this strain? I personally loved it and would love to be able to grow it! Also been looking for a strain called Sueño....I purchased both from a dispensary in Trinidad Colorado! I looked in all the places I know of and can find any seeds for these 2
  2. Lmao I used to, I stopped playing when they dropped 35sh. I don't own a money tree. You have to spend on average of 10 dollars a day to stay competitive.

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  3. You might get better (sorry, more) responses moving your thread to the "Gamers Heartbeat" forum here on GC.

    Gamer's Heartbeat

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  4. Lol , noticed that right after I posted!! I blame the weed....made me slant eyed so bad I couldn't read!! Thanks Jerry!!
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  5. That's the 3 i would LOVE to find and grow! Maybe having a endless supply wouldn't be such a bad idea!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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