STRAIN: KALASHNIKOV ---- 300w CFL + 125W 6500K- CFL

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    2700k 300w CFL + 2700k 125W 125W 6500k- CFL


  2. Heres one -‐- Day 15

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  3. 2nd

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  4. 3rd

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  5. 4th

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  6. are you looking for help or just want to share?

    you really should have mixed some perlite into your medium. 70/30 is a good start.
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  7. Im looking for help and do's and dont and BTW im using coco
  8. you should have mixed the coco 70/30 with perlite.

  9. Okay. But is this good ? Starting LST ?

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  10. you have one tie down.

    looks alright...its yellowing pretty bad.

    i'd be more worried about the drainage issues your going to have trying to make it through flower.

    best of luck
  11. why is there powder nutrient on the rim of the pot? should be more careful where you toss that stuff around, can burn the plant.


  12. I poured 10l rhrough the coco. It got healthy again! Toooooo much nutrition....

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  13. if you say so.

    best of luck man.
  14. Might want to invest a good month of 4 hours a day at least studying this subject. Do you have a ph meter? Youll need it for coco 100% sure. Feed between 5.6 and 6.3 and youll be ok but i feel you dont have anything but a small plant. What are you feeding?

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  15. HELP! Why are all leaves hanging like fuck?

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  16. Too much watering? I tried switching to another pot
  17. because lack of drainage.

    i told you you need perlite mixed in 70/30

    good luck

  18. True. Thank you!

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