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    Let us start a new strain index thread..... :smoke:

    I'll start it off with a review of Nirvana's White Widow.

    Breeder Photo:

    My Photo:

    My dried and cured.....

    Taste- A
    Early 90's WW taste. Hash, yet Fruit.

    Cerebral, yet stoney

    Smell- B
    Not quite what I was expecting, but awesome none the less.... Old School... Very Hashie, and fruity/spicy.

    Density- C
    Nice compact resinous buds but with that expected "fluff"

    Bag Apeal- A-
    Fluffy looking buds but makes up for in, taste, and potency...

    Overall B+

    I really like the old flavors, and smells..... This started to ignite my memory of what good pot can be.......:smoke:
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    For anyone that posts here, I will do the best my best and most tenacious task ever to keep a running index of current breeder strains..... :smoke: I welcome all help that is offered, Let us, as a community, build a strain index that rivals the pot bible....... Let us get some great things started here at GrassCity.......:smoke:

    I really need to do a more in depth report of this strain, As soon as Daylight comes around, a more in depth examination is in order..... A few bowls, and a joint is not worthy of a full review. :smoke:
  3. I'm working on a new (sub)forum - Strain Database , would love your help in it!

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