strain ID help please

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  1. These were gifted to me anonymously from so-cal. 6 of one strain, 12 of the other. Anyone out there have any quesses? Gonna pop some soon & would love to know as much as possible. Thanks


  2. Durbakistan is the only db that pops into my mind but tsc isn't in so-cal
  3. Pic won't post from my phone?? Oh well. One container is labeled "db" the other is labeled "oc x ih"
  4. db might be for durban
  5. Oh yeah! Could be! Any thoughts on the other strain?
  6. Durban & Hawaiian x Jamaican

    Just a guess.
  7. There's no point to guessing. Germ 'em and grow.
  8. U cant guess a strain.. I havent met anybody THAT good
  9. Good guess. That's what I'm going to assume they are. I'll post pics when I pop them, hopefully that will confirm it. Thank you
  10. Its an educated guess for what its worth, the initials are on the pack

  11. Next time....least look at the pic.
  12. Can you see the pic? It dosent show on my phone.

  13. Mine either
  14. I'm using the android app. Its probably my fault though. Most things are lol.
  15. Can anyone see this?

  16. [​IMG]

    see if this helps.

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