Strain good for pain/anxiety?

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  1. What's up blades, so my second grow should be much more advanced and I want a strain that will effectively help some of my main issues.

    Now I am not in a legal state, so I can't go to a dispensary and ask...

    So does anyone know of a medicinal strain good for back pain and anxiety?

    Any help or direction is much appreciated :wave:
  2. i have problems with anxiety, and it worsens with some strains than others. some good ones for anxiety are the mostly sativa mixes or a pure sativa. cinderella99 treats me well, easily over done and can cause anxiety, but just a hit or 2 and its clear headed and energetic. over done and you get super paranoid and its quite trippy from the haze in it.

    ive noticed most kush strains are no good for me.. so i stay away from those. i searched all over for reviews for best strains for anxiety and i made a list of what to try but idk where it went lol.

  3. Good info panda thank you:smoke:
  4. I also have some anxiety issues, and I usually go for some Snow White. But same thing Panda said only 1, or 2 hits, or you over do it. I also have a clone only strain that is local that works really well. Can smoke that shit all day, and I am just chill. Unfortunately I have no idea what exactly it is.
  5. skunk strains are supposed to be pretty good for anxiety also but are indicas. im going to be trying out a nl5 x sk1 strain from world of seeds im growing, once i start it flowering. also some other good ones are, strawberry caugh, green crack and some diesel strains. headband was good in moderation also but easily over done and caused panic attacks probably from the og kush and master kush in it which those also gave me very bad anxiety. over all id say from everything ive tried from dispensaries and grown cinderella99(c99) has been my favorite but i hate growing it. its stretchy and lanky that has a very hard time supporting its weight, but it could just be the pheno that im growing.

    heres a pic of c99 how the branches wilt down with even just small amounts of bud weight on them.

  6. Thanks man!

  7. Wow so much help, thank you Panda85!

    Seems like that C99 needs some good attention and training which I'm okay with.;)

    How's that Green Crack and c99 effect you after a hit or two?
    I have long working days and can't have a couch-lock type strain

  8. Any other info to add? :confused_2: :smoke:
  9. [quote name='"BYOweed"']

    Any other info to add? :confused_2: :smoke:[/quote]

    Tastes great , good for pain & anxiety , yields a lot , easy to grow

  10. Awesome thanks :wave::D
  11. [quote name='"BYOweed"']

    Awesome thanks :wave::D[/quote]

    I'm growing hash bomb which is an indica and its suppose to be good for pain maybe check out all the bomb strains there
  12. Afghan kush and aurora indica are good for anxiety..also any blue strain are good

  13. Thanks TinTizzy :D
  14. For me, I deal with anxiety, ptsd, and chronic pain. As a med patient I found for me, indica's are better than sativa's. I prefer a good solid body high, rather than a soaring mind high...When I get all mind high, it tend to get anxiety attacks, and paranoid..Then I feel that I have to be doing something to take my mind off of it..not good.

    Afghan kush is one of my favorites. I smoke at the end of the day, zonks me out, so I RELAX....

    My two cents...
  15. c99 has a kind of trippy high and is really energetic but mostly clear headed, its hard to fall asleep after smoking. i smoke some at work on breaks and dont get anxious and can still work fine. if i smoke a bowl to myself i feel dazed out but no couch lock.

    green crack ive just had from a dispensary but havent grown it, since its clone only. its a sk1 cross though and c99 is also, c99 is sk1xnl5xhaze. the high was pretty close to c99 clear headed and energetic but not as hazy as c99. wish i could grow it lol, way better than buying it at super high prices.

  16. Very detailed descriptions thank you :smoke:

    I'm leaning heavy towards this c99 for my next grow

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