strain: Double D cat pee ne1 heard

Discussion in 'General' started by jonster, May 29, 2006.

  1. has ne1 heard of this strain???
  2. i think someones takin you for a ride, buddy
  3. Its a great strain.

    Jus like Triple U Cat Poo, Fucking amazing marjuana.

    Get real dawg.
  4. sounds to me like they use double the amount of cat piss that they normally use for this strain.

  5. hahahahah I'm sorry but that was hilarious
  6. HAHAHAHA triple U cat poo
  7. There's a strain called cat piss and dog shit in Washington. I don't know if it's legit or not, though.
  8. you guys keep mocking my strain.... then ima have to bust out my pics and show you bitches up. take a look at my triple u cat poo in my dd cat pee thread. o by the way i still have 3 months of veg. left, i just don't know if im going to be able to climb these mountains once there finished
  9. I've heard of CatPiss, from near the Bay Area, but never Double D Cat Pee?
  10. I've heard of cat piss and hogs breath down here in so cali.
  11. You'd think they'd name a strain something that'd make you want to smoke it.
  12. I was once stoned, and I had to clean up cat piss... Makes sense.

  13. I was high and read this and laughed for like 5 min straight that is fuckin funny
  14. i know the reason, the smell of the plant in veg. is that of piss...sort of. i mean they really dont have a distinct smell to them unless you rub your fingers on the stem, but, they will have a more 'sweet' smell in flower.
  15. I'm wondering if the 'Cat Piss' name is just someone calling it like they smell it...I've come across some rank shit over the years. I knew a guy who left a pound of decent mids in his trunk for a week and it ended up smelling like ammonia. :eek: Terrible.... Pot abuse!
  16. haha wow, thats a very creative strain name.... but i think someone is just tellin you its some ridiculous strain so they can sell you regular dank for a higher price

    i've done it before when i was young n dumb
  17. While I've HEARD of "Catpiss" or "Catpee", this may be some kind of hybrid.

    There is a strain called Double 0 Diesel, which is a crossbreed of Sour Diesel and 007.

    This may be a crossbreed of Double 0 Diesel and Cat Pee.

    Either that or it's total and utter bullshit.
  18. wow some serious hatin here, ill join....

    you fool, what are you a n00b, your so silly, WTF!!!

    well yes cat piss is a strain, im not sure about the DOUBLE D part though
  19. There are strains called dog shit and catpiss. Never had the DS but I read that it was pretty stellar.

    The catpiss I can definitely attest to, very awesome and immediate / uppity stone. (at least for me).

    As far as the name you mentioned... My take on this would be either

    a. Dude is just making up a random name he thinks sounds cool.

    b. along the way he or someone else before he got it, took catpiss and tried to make it have more of an impact by changing its name.

    c. Someone may have told him the name, but since he was stoned he remembered it wrong.

    d. someone else did a, b, or c to him.

    Or maybe it's a random ass cross someone made in their closet....

    Who knows... So stoned... :smoking:...

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