Strain differences

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  1. Black dominion x jack horror. 80 day finish
    Black dominion x jack herer. 63 day finish

    Why 20 more days?

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  2. No idea as I dont grow but your picture is sweet crabman :smoke: my name is earl is the 1 when your stoned :smoking:
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  3. I'm not 100% sure, but based on that info, Jack horror has a bit more sativa genetics thus making for a longer flowering period, and Jack herrer has less, or possibly stronger indica genetics, making it slightly shorter.

    That said, beware the supposed finishing rates that breeders give. Most strains will go for about 2 weeks longer than the timeframe given, depending on your grow room conditions.
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  4. Gonna have to believe it's probably pheno types causing your issue. One plant is more indica based where the other took the sativa genetics more cause one to flower in an indica time period vs a longer sativa period

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  5. indica faster flower usually then sativa . fucking sativa can be a bitch many people will run 10 on and 14 off in late flower to get them to finish . they will sit there and sit there fuckers can take up to 16 weeks !
  6. There gonna be fat as hell in e more weeks[​IMG]

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