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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Deleted member 30302, May 15, 2006.

  1. FIRST OF ALL I'm sorry about the thread title I was pretty high typing this... input instead of output,,

    Well after an incident I lost my summers supply of plants for my outdoor grow and I still want to harvest. I will order a new set of seeds from Nirvana Seeds Standard very soon and will try to use them. What strain flowers early, resists bud rot (humidity in new england during summer is bad), and is fairly potent? I was thinking AK-48 but I wasn't sure if it was back in stock yet.


  2. Hey NEbud420 -

    Any strain that is mostly Indica will do fine in New England for outdoor grow. I grow along the coast of Maine and have been quite happy growing (BC Biker Bud) and (Early Girl X Big Bud) for the past few summers. Flowering starts mid Aug and harvest is mid Oct. Both strains do well with the temps and humidity of the region.

    Kisses -
  3. Thanks Hottbody, now the hard part is choosing which strain out of the group of good candidates. Right now I'm trying to pick one strain out of this group: Master Kush, PPP,Ak-48, or Early Girl. I'm leaning towards PPP and AK-48 since they are proclaimed as the most potent and highest yielding of the group by AK-48 is said to have the shortest flowering time of the Nirvana Standard selection so it kinda has the upper hand. Nirvana may still be out of AK-48 so in that case I'll order PPP.

    Peace and thanks for the reply
  4. Mmm... AK-48 is the best shit I've had all year, amazing genetics and in combination with some growing skills will make for some of the best bud you'll ever smoke.

    Try finding a different place to order from... I mean, that's not the only place. Not to mention it's way over priced.
  5. Nirvana Standard overpriced emrandel? It's only 15 bucks for a pack of ten seeds within that bunch. Mandala seeds also has a strain I'm interested in, but I can't remember the name.
  6. Well i decided to purchase a pack of AK-48 from Nirvana Standard and a pack of Speed Queen from Mandala seeds. Along with shipping my order only ran me $37.


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