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  1. About to order some seeds to start preparing for my second grow...I'm looking for a couch lock high something that will make me like a sloth...I have bad insomnia. The Dr's give me all kinds of different types of meds but I'm not taking any of that crap. After being on pain meds for 8 yrs and going through all the agony...I'm never taking shit from a Dr unless i have no other option! The strain called silverback og is mainly what I use for pain...that and one called Jack fruit...very mellow high that relaxes my neck and back...but both keep me alert and I need something to tranquilize me!! I have a unknown plant growing a jet fuel and 2 Amnesia Haze Feminized Auto-Flower! Need 5-6 more would like to try several different strains!!
  2. This past winter I grew some Black D.O.G. from Humboldt Seeds, I don't know if it was because I let it go too long but it put us all to sleep!

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  3. MK-Ultra an awesome strain for a night cap. It's a good heavy indica, I've been using this strain specifically for the past couple of years especially when I've drank a bunch of coffee late at night.
    If you're looking for something to slam you like a fucking train I'd mix MK with Purple Kush.
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  4. Sleep is the only thing I use MJ for, and I've looked carefully at Leafly for strains with the highest "medical" "insomnia" ratings. Here are the ones I found that were rated 90 or above: GrapeApe=90, PurpleUrkle=100, KosherKush=90, BlackberryKush=90, Afghani=100, PresidentialOG=100, BigBud=90, Yoda=90, FuckingIncredible=90, PurpleCandy=100, Chemo=100, TangerineKush=90, DeathBubba=100.
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  5. Awesome!! very useful information I appreciate everyone's input!!

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