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Strain called Death Star

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dkrider34, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. I just ran into some bud called death star and i wanted to know if anyone had some info on it?

    i've done some random google searching but can't seem to find anything. The kid who GAVE it to my girlfriend always has legit dank, and one of my buddies, also very legit told me its some of the best shit he's ever smoked, and he got it out in ohio.

    Lemme know what you know. I'll post pics tomorrow if i don't smoke it all before i remember to
  2. Never heard of it, but it could very well be a local strain that one of the growers around you produces.
  3. I got some bud named that at a local club. It was a real deep purple and the smell was skunky but fruity at the same time. Dont know if it was a real strain or just some dank ass bud with a crazy name attached for sales.
  4. I got some called Black Widow and she fucked me up
  5. deathstar is a clone only strain originated in ohio. sour diesel x sensi star. fucking headie ass pot. gotta know someone in the fam to get this shit. tastes better in soil. check around cbus and u might smell some out.
  6. watch out.

    That bud will destroy alderaan.

  7. :hello:
  8. Its around here in Ohio but i only see P burge kidz with it. If you have access to that keep that connect. Look for dumpster too
  9. Death star is some Dank ass pot. there's some around VT right now thats been treating me very well. Smells real skunky and fruity and tastes delicious.
  10. Yea I just got some clones of dumpster and Deathstar in VT guy satid they were both from ohio im trnin em into mothers ekoostikdump u know bout flowering times or any specifics?
  11. I'm in dayton and I just got an eighth of this from a kid im pretty sure gets it from cbus. Amazing
  12. holy shit, someone sold me bud once, called it deathstar i thought he just didnt have a name and made on up. haha dope. it was good bud.
  13. I've had Death Star before from a dispensary here in Socal. I remember it very vividly: I think the strain has an interchangeable name of "Ogre Kush", which is a strain I see pretty often which looks and smells EXACTLY like the Death Star. I remember the Death Star looking and smelling like a Sour Diesel cross: very sweet and sour, heavy trichs and dense nug formation. I'm pretty sure the genetics were Sativa dominant hybrid.
  14. death star is in the new hightimes mag
    its on the cover i believe
  15. death star that is such a cool name , just hearing the name is making me want that shit
  16. Shitty Point and shoot pics but this is what I was told was Deathstar...


  17. well well well yet another ohio elite clone that is finally getting the credit and attention it deserves. ive had deathstar many times and its always a treat, one of the few starins that stands well with dumpster. mark my words tho that "nuke" will be the next big starin outta ohio. keep em coming:hello:
  18. i. want. that.
  19. Yeah .. Death Star is the cover story in the Feb issue of Hightimes
  20. i live in the 614 and ive heard alot about deathstar, i get good dank prices regularly but this guy was charging out the ass for this, i hate when ppl try that shit. i think he said like 100/8th. excuse me but fukk that :mad:

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