strain ? any ideaz

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  1. [​IMG]:confused: this is my first outdoor grow with fire mids bag seed all from different sacks of mids im used to kind bud strains indoors i guessed sativa because i figured mids was mostly sativa
  2. hey, in general sativas have a fat leaf, while indicas are thinner, looks like you have a few different kinds. which will be good, for different smoke lol.
  3. :confused: I think you may have that bass akwards, All of my sativas have long skinny leaves, and the indicas are fatter broader leaves. I may be wrong......but I don't think so, not that stoned yet :smoking: !

    Tree House...your plants are looking very nice, still a little young to be able to tell the different strains, wait for them to get a little bit bigger and they will each take on their own "personality" so to speak, and it will be a little easier to tell the strain.....maybe.

    Loveshack420 :bongin:
  4. ya man, loveshack is right, i had that backwards, sorry bud. fairly stoned at the moment!!
  5. im not used to such slow (natural) growth sativas are skinny seraded blades and indica is phat knew that but im used to the indoor boom of growth and also used to knowing my seed strain (kind bud) first time growing mids would u say mids is strictly sativa i never realy hurd of indica mids lol that be nuts i do know there is hybrids growing in mexico tho

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