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  1. Hi everyone
    Firstly, happy New Year's to all.
    Hopefully this is in the right place as iv never used a forum before..I'm from S.A and have a hard time finding quality strain or people with experience to help advise me on good looking at ordering again and have been thinking about the following:
    Bc bud depot : gods gift
    Kaliman seeds : rockster cheese
    TGA : querkle
    Ken este: granddaddy purple
    Pheno finder : sunset aka sunset sherbert(if still available)
    Purple urkle (if it's available in seed form)
    Was also interested in something called royal Dutch cheese although I can't find anything about them or the apparent breeder royal Dutch me some cheese but variety never killed anyone.please if anyone can give me feedback these I'd greatly appreciate it.i prefer regs but I Candice with fems too.:)
  2. Candice should be can live.sorry,damn phones and their auto assume
  3. Kaiman seeds by Rockster his cheese is one of the best and good from breeding from as well..ive grown TGA jilly bean and Dairy Queen ,,,and ive found TGA has great tastes in their weed i think most of tGA strains are great as well,,,cant speak for the other seedbreeders though ,,but the two ive mentioned are both very good ,,,mac. ...
  4. Thanks Mac.much appreciated.i see so many cheeses but equally as many bad reviews on hard to choose these days.deff wanting to give the kaliman a going to be grabbing a few packs of different goodies from diff places.

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