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Straightedge fun, ;)

Discussion in 'General' started by SotalyTober, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. haha whatsgood blades; so I just smoked a bit of dank outta my steamroller and I'm feeling pretty good. So I decide to check my facebook and I see this straight edge girls status and i comment it and I think it's really funny:)

    (Background with edge kids- There is always straightedge drama bullshit here, weather its them jumping kids like 30 to 1; my friend ryan getting stabbed and beating the fuck outta the kid who stabbed him [made his eyes swolen shut and broke his nose];Hate moshing at shows and abuncha other bullshit)

    Here is what was said lmao:

    I lost my boyfriend. Who wants to help look? There will be coffee

    Myycomment: Check the closet!
    Myycomment: loliwasjk^
    EdgeBitch: lol.. good one...
    EdgeBitch: loliwasjk^
    Myycomment: xloliseewhatyoudidthaarx^
    EdgeBitch: xxxlolseewhatididtheretoo?

    Mycomment: ‎(̅_̅_̅(̅(̅lolseewhatimdoinhere?_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅̅()ڪ
    Edgebitch: seethewholeputtingx'satthebegginingandendofyourwordsaredumbsoidontoffendedanywaychrischarrete.youdouchecanoe.

    Hahah yeah and alot of people here that are edge type with x's at the begging and end of words like xtuffx,xpowerx,xedgex

    and now shes threatening and all the monstercrew fucking morons are saying they are gonna kill me :D sweet !

    Im probs the only one that will get this;damn this took so long to type lol :(

  2. .

  3. #3 dirtydingusus, Jan 15, 2011
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    yeah i get it...people suck...always have always will......

    its just the way of things.....

  4. Damn :(
  5. I have a headache
  6. I never really understood straightedgers, it's obvious most do it just for the fad.

    Though, you arguing with one is kind of lame and from what I see she didn't exactly lose that fight.

    Here have some straightedge shark.

  7. facebook is a sensible place to be
  8. lmao! i run the fucking pit!

    and if you dont want me to knock you and all 15 of your friends down....you better stay out of my way:):):):smoke:

    if there is no pit...i will start one!!!!

    why elts would i go to a live show? i dont like crowds
    i cant stand most people.....

    i go so i can knock people down in the pit!!!!!!

    did i mention i love the pit?
    or could you already tell?
  9. Anyone heard of FSU?

    Friends Stand United?

    I dont condone torture usually but...

  10. sometimes it would be nice if it was legal.....
  11. Waterboarding isnt torture ;)

  12. idk...the way i see it...accidents happen all the time!:eek:
  13. What a boring, hate-filled life they life. SUCKS.
  14. I always blow smoke in the face of straightedge kids. I don't care if you don't smoke, but if you go out of your way to tell me just so people think you're cool, I'm gonna fuck with you.
  15. At least you knew that much coming in. I don't see how it's funny or why anyone would get mad over it.... :|
  16. You don't have to sink to their level and rub it in their faces.

    Be the bigger man, ignore them, and respectfully continue with your life.

  17. How am I sinking to their level?

    It's funny when I do it, so I do it. It's not some personal vendetta thing, I'm just messing with them. Some of my friends are straightedge, but that doesn't mean I don't make fun of them for it. That's what friends do.
  18. Purposefully blowing smoke in the faces of people you know despise smoking is definitely sinking to their level.

    Straightedgers are constantly trying to push their agenda on us, that's what you're doing with the smoke. Live and let live.
  19. You are pushing it in their faces. Thats their level
  20. I think you guys are overreacting. It's just a joke; it's not like I hate them for abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

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