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Straight Up Eating Cannabis...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Arc, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Hey, so guys I was wondering if someone were to eat raw weed, would it still produce the normal effects from THC and cannabinoids? I'm not implying that I want to try this, I just would like to know lol.

  2. I saw some guy that eats its straight up in some documentary, and I think he said it works like that.. I suppose I would but not sure.
  3. I've watched two friends eat it straight on a dare. They both puked lol. So personally, I wouldn't do it
  4. I'm pretty sure marijuana is fat soluble, which is why you use butter (high fat content) to make edibles. I don't think that straight-up eating it would cause a very noticeable high.
  5. It does work, however it does take a lot more to feel the same effects, but it also is a really long high, 6-12 hours. The climax lasts about an hour or 2.

    Weed does NOT need to be heated in order to get a high. But in nugs your stomach has to digest all that other shit along with the active ingredients, oils and what not can be absorbed faster so you feel the high quicker. If you decide to do it, do it on an empty stomach. At times it will feel you're not high anymore then it comes back with a vengeance haha. I've tried it before with 5gs of schwag and was high for a good 10 hours.

    ~He Who Dares, Wins~

  6. You'd have to eat so much of it for any effect that it would be a colossal waste.
  7. Yeah I would never try that. But thanks for the info.
  8. Everyone claims it doesn't work but way back when,i got some shitty brick weed from some butch lesbians in a shitty trailer park,on a well known bad road,well i was having a sesh with some relatives and later that night i had a shitty piece of the brick left it wasn't getting me high whatsoever so i straight up threw it in my mouth chewed it up thoroughly,then let the digestive process do its thing,I got high once it started digesting (got me a-lot higher than smoking it) ,so don't always listen to retarded idiots claiming its not possible to get high from eating straight bud.

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