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  1. Lately ive been reading about throwing plants straight into flower with no veg time and getting a decent yield (about an ounce) per plant. I have a 4x4 grow tent and was thinking about throwing like 30 girls in there all in 1 gal smart pots. I would be using 600w MH/HPS, botanicare nutrients, and of course coco. Would this work with that size lamp and all these plants and what kind of yield should i expect to get (roughly)?
    thanks GC
  2. Some do it. Some don't. Some like it. Some won't.

    It is just a "method" like any other. Topping. Fimming. Scrogging. Defoliating. Electrifying (yes, believe it or not there is a lot of credence to introducing ~2mA of current through the media/plant to increase uptake).

    Everyone has something they do and they swear by. If you want to give it a shot I say go ahead.

    Ideally you could do this from clone. Simply root them and flower them with alternating nodes already. I have tried 12/12 from seed and the results I got were less than spectacular. What I found is that the plants took 3 weeks to sex themselves and another 52 days to finish (this is my faster big bud strain). I figured that if I had just run 18/6 on them during the first 20 days I would have probably finished at about the same time but with a much larger plant due to the increased energy consumption.

    If you do want to try this from seed the best suited phenotype I am aware of is Northern Lights. I'm not sure if it's number 1 or number 5 though. Otherwise you could go to flower with just about any cut from clone. Up to you.
  3. im w/ SCMC (like always)..... 12/12 from seed just doest produce the results that we all crave. that +- 20 days of veg will do wonders for ya.

    now if your going 12/12 from clones and fit the max amount of plants in your 4x4 tent, you should have a pretty decent yeild. if im not mistaken, you should be able to get something like 10-15 1gal. smart pots in there. if you went w/ airpots, you could get prolly get 20 in there at least, just because they have a little more height than width.

    on that NL #1 or NL #5 being a better pheno, i would go w/ the #1 only because i personally run the strain myself and it always yeilds very well.

    also, going 12/12 from clones your best bet is to take larger clones than you normally would, that way your kind of already starting w/ a "bigger plant"
  4. Thanks guys. I didn't think about giving them time to sex if i did it from seed so i'll probably try and score some clones. also should i throw a cover over them to bend the branches out or would it be better to just let them grow straight up
  5. And would it not only take 2 1/2-3 months? just the time for flower?
  6. i personally take my NL #1 to around 70 days, give or take. the clones should ripen up a bit faster
  7. Thanks a lot guys you've been a great help.
  8. how much are you yielding off those NL tth?
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    Not sure if you've seen it, but this thread should convince you to try it:

    He tried to go from seed to 12/12 and from clones and observed that clones are better. Faster cycle, better weight. Nice thing is you can do a more compact grow too. ALSO, he strives for 1 big cola, which is easier to manage throughout the grow and trim in the end.

    Once you set up a mother plant this way has a lot going for it, including simplicity. If you want huge-bushy-monsters this isn't the best way.

    Also, since you want a lot of plants under a SINGLE light a light mover would be good. And you may want to look into a vertical light arrangement with the plants around the light in a collisium arrangement.

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