straight teeth or white teeth

Discussion in 'General' started by GSMOKES, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. in a person's smile,

    is it more important that their teeth be perfectly straight, or brilliantly white? and would you date someone with just mediocre whiteness and sorta straight?
  2. Both, but if I had to pick one, it would be straight, but it's a close call.
  3. straight > white

    but then again, im a coffee drinker/smoker who was born with straight teeth, so i guess im a bit biased
  4. I would say Straight, but teeth or no teeth to me its whats on the inside that counts
  5. straightness is more important imo

  6. awwwww haha
  7. lol i knew i was gonna get teased about it, but hey w/e :p
  8. mix of the two if that's an option haha. i don't really care as long as they're not gross though, you know?

    perfectly straight+really yellow=not good, super crooked+super white=not good

  9. What about no teeth ? lol
  10. What about dentures?
  11. ay yer right tho man
  12. I would say str8, aslong as there not like really yellow.
  13. as long as their teeth aren't disgusting, it's cool.
    i'd probably prefer perfectly straight to brilliantly white... besides, i don't really like extremely white teeth.
  14. I think some people go a little overboard with the teeth whitening craze. People who take really good care of their mouths don't have teeth THAT white. It's funny how everyone on tv these days have sparkling white teeth as opposed to 10 years ago when they didn't. I guess it goes to show how vain society has become. I don't care for perfect teeth. As long as you take care of yourself.
  15. I only have one tooth that protrudes from the normal line, it's my left kanine so it looks kinda vampire :eek: *bite*

  16. No doubt, you have to take into consideration where her tongue has been.
  17. If you lived around me you would be asking "Teeth or missing teeth". Seriously, it's fucking crazy. Anytime someone here gets any kind of toothache they go get the fucker pulled out. I never saw so many Jack-o-Lanterns until I moved here.
  18. I mean..I think both are equally as important. It's better to have one than neither, but it's better to have both.

    Besides, it's not hard to get white teeth anymore, so if you've got straight teeth, stop fucking up.

    Then again, I can't I really care, because I get my teeth complimented all the time, and if all you smoking coffee drinkers didn't make it possible I wouldn't get laid nearly as much.

    Preciate it yall.
  19. I had braces so my teeth are perfectly straight, but my teeth are yellow I only have like a pack of cigs a month and smoke weed like..well... a lot I guess, but my coffee intake is not as high as it used to be I probably only drink 2 cups a week. I think the color has quite a bit to do with genetics my mother and father have yellowish teeth and so does my brother.

    In like a year or two I will have them bleached by my dentist I hate the yellow makes me self conscious.
  20. ewww, neither.

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