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Straight or Bubble, why does it matter?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Aud, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Why does it matter whether or not a bong is a straight tube or a bubble. I'll admit the straight tubes look better if the bong is bigger, but they look weird on small pieces.
  2. Do you mean bubble as in percolator?
  3. Thats a perc, if filters your smoke an extra time before entering the main chamber.
  4. he's talking about the "mad scientist" type bong, the bottom chamber of the bong.
  5. I thought it was called a bubble bottom because where the stem goes in its a bubble instead of straight.

    Also i would think beaker would be more fit to be a "mad scientist" type thing because beakers are lab equipment and so on and suchforth.

    BUT ANYWAYS, why does it matter, is it a matter of preference or do straights have less drag?
  6. straight tubes are alot easier to clean. i have a bubble bottom, and kick myself when i have to clean it. i wish i woulda got a straight tube, i think they hit a little smoother. IMO
  7. really straight shots are way easier to clean but the normal kind are just a better looking to the eye in my oppion...
  8. The bubble and beaker bottoms have more volume, And are a little harder to clear cause they require more water and have slightly more drag. Don't let that turn you off to them tho, I love my beaker bottom.

    I have a beaker, And it not that hard to clean, I can see a straight being a little easier but cleaning a bong in general is easy.
  9. what about beakers, are they just bubles but different shape? no drag add or anything like that?
  10. it's all a matter of preference. i imagine bubble butt bongs (at least the ones i'm picturing in my head) are alot more stable as they have wider bases, but like someone said, they're a pain in the butt to clean as you can't reach the top too easy.

    i miss my very first bong. it was a two chambered tube. it had a small bottom chamber and a pair of tubes coming out of each side and returning back into the main chamber above it. i especially liked it because it didn't have any freakin' carbs. man do i hate those! if you want to draw more air and less smoke or clear the chamber, then just pull your mouth off the mouthpiece! how freakin' difficult is that? i wish i had a nickel for every time i tried to take a hit on someone's bong and didn't draw anything because of some stupid carb. i could probably buy an ice cream cone.

    right now though, my "bong" is a converted bottle bong. when i bought it, it was just a tiny bottle (that tipped over way too easy) with a scientific rubber cork stopper with two holes. you insert the bowl stem into one hole and push some plastic tubing over it and another plastic tube into the other. when the tubes go bad, i just go to a pet store and buy a small piece of fishtank air tube. now i've made the water tube longer so that i can use a wine bottle as a bong. i like the look of a nice olive green wine bottle. the necks are narrow enough too so that cleaning is a snap, just fold about and inch of the ende of a straw and scrape.

    i guess my setup is somewhere in between a tube and a bubble. it holds alot more water than most bongs too.
  11. the straight shots i have encountered are actually more stable cause the base is more like a bottom of a wine glass and has very gfood balance. so i would say straight shots are easier if your clumsy. but the bubble is just plain way cooler looking.
  12. beaker bottoms will always be my favorite. Straight tubes are just too easy to clear. The bubble or beaker bottoms provide the bong with alot more volume, which means your hit will be bigger than a straight tube if you cream both of them up to the top then clear it.
  13. straight tubes are stilling pretty nice to hit - they seem a lil easier to clear but thats ok
  14. Beaker bottoms look the best im my oppinion but I really do love straight tubes because they clear quick.
  15. Well i assume that'S because you got a lil sista. One of my mates has a bong with 2 bubbles and it's a bitch to clear, since the smoke is just circulating in those bubbls forever until it reaches your lungs. If you get a big bong, go for the straight except if you got iron lungs :bongin:
  16. no way tubes are more stable unless they're under a foot tall. the taller they get, the easier they tip.

    trust me, i know what bong water in a carpet smells like ;)
  17. Best shape IMO is straight. Im just biased though. I love that clean straight shape.
  18. im pretty sure its more about the base . and all the straight shots i see are all have big bases that make their balance very well. and yes i have tiped over normal and straight shots into carpet in my life also. but the straights dont tip over as easy as the normal kind do.

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