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Straight Hash Joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sozic, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Will it work? Low on weed, but got plenty of hash, would just rolling up the sand do the job.. how much do you think i'd put in?
  2. Should work, and should get you high as fuck. I'd roll a pinner.
  3. Got any catnip you can cut it with? Kidding... :p
  4. You can do that but if you have a bowl I suggest using that, sounds like a bit of a waste but you will get very very high
  5. Do hot knives man
  6. If you have plenty of hash go for it.
    otherwise Hotknives would be good ^

    either way :hippie::hippie:
  7. what's hot knives?
  8. When I had no weed and only some vapor hash, I rolled it all up into a little ball and with a metal concentrate dabber, I poked a small hole through the center. Thus creating a small chamber for smoke to travel through. Then I placed my hash into my spoon pipe, and smoked it. Works like a charm :smoke:
  9. use a bowl cuz its not gonna burn well in a joint, esp if its a full melt. trust me.
  10. Trip report plz
  11. Straight hash joint doesn't sound enjoyable at all...and would probably be a waste of hash. Stick some of your hash on a thumbtack, light it, and put a glass cup over it. Let the smoke collect, grab a straw, and inhale. Will get you high and much more enjoyable than a hash joint..
  12. Gross dude... :/
  13. I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this one from a lot of people, but I nonetheless would recommend going European here, if you can live with some tobacco or any other plant material carrier. Think Damiana, Lions Ear or anything like that, if you can get your hands on. I recommend against using catnip, as it tastes really horrible and is a cruelly harsh smoke (that coming from a regular smoker who also mixes tobacco in bong hits). On its own, hash is not really good to roll a straight jay with. That being, if you REALLY want this to be smoked via joint. Would be a lot easier to realize to just put the hash in a bowl or make tinctures/edibles/capsules (Check out BadKittySmiles' Cannapharm-thread for more info on awesome things you can do with your hash)

  14. This is actually one of the most casual ways to smoke hash. While you're taking care of your shit, the hash burns like incense slowly, filling up the glass with smoke that you can toke at your leisure.

    If you keep a jewel case or something similar over the top of the glass, you can slide it back a smidge to take a hit like it's nbd.
  15. Sure! How do you think we do it across the ocean?
  16. Hm... I wouldn't recommend smoking it in a joint...
  17. ....edibles......
  18. Compared to smoking weed with hash or just smoking hash in a bowl its very wasteful. It will work though and you will get ripped as fuck.

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