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Straight-Edge To Pot-Head

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by okiuisdgf, May 20, 2013.

  1. anyone else used to be like anti-pot before becoming a stoner? I used to be the biggest "no weed" kinda dude, I don't even drink.. I thought it was "stupid", bad", "bad for you" yadayadayada... until one day I was youtube surfing and watched "Damn it's good to be a Taylor" music video like for the millionth time... (if you haven't seen it, go look and you'll see what I mean) - I hit up my boy and was like "yo, I'm tryna light up" and he was like "lol wat." nobody thought it would ever happen but I tried herb that night and my stoner chapter of life begun. anyone else have any stoner-becoming stories? lol.

  2. i thought it was bad until high school...when i was indoctrinated with dare and everyone telling me it was bad
  3. yeah I was brought-up with that dumb dare program, I was in so deep... I woke up one day tho. 
  4. I was the same way. I have never even tasted alcohol and did not smoking marijuana till the age of 23 but I have no regrets. While I was in the military I became interested in trying it so when I got out 2 years later I decided to give it a go. It is funny because people know I don't drink and when they see me smoke their jaw drops. I now smoke the occasional cigar (usually when I cannot smoke marijuana just because I find the act of smoking relaxing or for celebration it averages maybe 3-4 a month). Marijuana keeps me quite happy and I still don't drink. :)
  5. Wait you smoked because taylor swift sang about it?
  6. Wiz Khalifa... TGoD!
  7. Lol yea I was the same way but I was becoming curious as my girlfriend was an ex-weed smoker ( she quit for me) and we watched Harold and kumar and I eventually got the guts to tell her I wanted to try it with her and I ended up loving it =)
  8. I was really anti weed until like, half way through my freshman year when I sat next to a bunch of stoners. They printed out a bunch of shit (I'm assuming they got it from here) and showed me it. About a month later I hit my first joint with one of my (now) closest friends. He rolled up some Myrtle Beach Kush he got from his vacation in a strawberry Juicy Jay paper. I'll never forget that day.
    Walked into wal-mart STOOOONED as fuck. I go back to the TV's, and they had a new 3D HDTV set up and Avatar was playing, one of the employee comes up to me, hands me the 3D glasses, and I sat there stupefied for 20 minutes. Then a scene came up, one of the avatar people had a small animal in it's hand, the fucking thing jumps up, and explodes into color, and I lost my shit. I was like "AWWW SHIT DUDE, WHAT THE FUUUUUCK" louder than hell in Wal-mart.
    T'was a great time.
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    I was always told it was bad so then I did my own research at a young age and became a vocal supporter of cannabis throughout middle school and high school. I got at least one speech a year in about cannabis legalization. lol
  11. Hated, hated, hated drugs (still hate alcohol tbh, the taste is terrible) until I got super bad anxiety. I was working at McDonald's and was like "fuck, dude, I need to chill out, got any weed?" So this guy hooked me up... with a lemonpipe.

    Yeah, it tasted bad. Really bad. But I got nice and frosty and realized marryjewanna is amazing.
  12. The dare program is where I first found interest in pot and tobacco lol. As a young punk I naturaly wanted to do everything I wasnt supposed to. Luckily I no longer do anything but reefer and a few beers every once in a while, but I used to do unmentionables and smoke cigs like crazy. So now even though I smoke reefer daily, I actually have more 'straight-edge' philosophies about life as I would rather live healthy and sober (my weed tolerance is so strong that I consider being stoned to be my level of sober). Luckily I am able to communicate with a lot of hate-edge people and open their minds to weed and stop the hate; of course that is only occasionaly as plenty of them don't get it...
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    well, from 1st-12th grade, I went to a private presbyterian school that taught us that gays are nothing but horny animals, democrats are evil, evolution is a religion(I always laugh at that one), and weed, alcohol, and tobacco are abominations. Sadly, I believed this for the longest time. It's sad how easy it is to indoctrinated young minds. Now that I'm in college, I've met gay people who are actually nicer and more considerate than most of these "loving" Christians, and potheads who are quite caring of others. I didn't pay for weed for the first 3 months because my pledge brother(fraternity) always gave me free weed, and the only reason it wasn't longer was because I wanted to compensate him. I'm still a Christian, but I learned that people need to love those that are different, not belittling them by calling them mindless animals.
  14. I was that way also. I though that people who did smoke were losers and plus i was scared to try it. I started to drink alcohol about 2 years ago and then i became sick and tired of being sick and tired cause drinking. Drinking was fun in the beginning, but the more I did it, the less fun it became. So i was like "i need to find something else to have fun with cause alcohol isn't for me". So i deciced to try smoking and loved it. Loved its so much that i basically gave up drinking alcohol (well i like to have a alco-pop type of drinks when i smoking cause it taste good and it gives you a little more of a buzz, plus i was a liquor person, not a beer guy). With alcohol, you feel good in the beginning, then feel like shit later and get a hangover. With weed, you smoke it, feel good, laugh a little, eat something then go to bed and wake up without a hangover. So yeah weed wasn't the terrible thing thta i though it was. Alcohol should be illegal, not Weed.
  15. I didn't start using weed until my sophomore year in college, when I realized that most of what I had been told at a young age was a bunch of bull. Ever since I started I have had lower overall stress levels and have quit binge drinking.
  16. Na I was that kid who, in sixth grade, stole his cousins joint, brought it to school, advertised said joint to half his class, made a trip to the bathroom, and came out smelling like champs.  Before that I just couldn't find weed :( Born a stoner and die a stoner.
  17. lmao why you always gotta be "that dude" smh... every thread homie...
  18. Straight Edge is being anti anything, that includes tobacco, any type of medication unless it's required to save you're life(No aspirin even for the hardest of headaches), and it's supposed to be a life choice.
    But I don't know, that's just what I read and you can't believe everything you read. But no, I started way too early, and I was around drugs most of my life. So it never affected me as being a bad thing. 
    Oddly, enough this happened with two of my good friends. I guess they finally realized that life style creates more stress than removes. (at least I felt like that in their case) :laughing:

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