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Straight Edge Stoner?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KoolDAbc, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm incredibly new to the forum, but keep in mind this is a valid post :) I'm new to smoking weed, I started a few weeks ago when I smoked with some of my brother's friends. I've realized weed is quite amazing.

    I'm a senior in high school with a reputation of "this kid will never smoke weed ever." Now that I do smoke weed, I'm trying to find people that will light up with me, but I feel that if I approach anyone, they'll think I'm going to rat on them, or they just won't want to smoke with me.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Toke in front of them pull a pre rolled blunt out be like like let's toke?
  3. just roll like 5 joints and then after school ask if anyone wants to hang out as you slyly show them the tip of a joint peeking out of your pocket
  4. those who are chill enough to realise that even straight edge kids hit the upwards curve sometimes will be smoke buddies for life :cool:
  5. eh, just dont act all paranoid or anything and i doubt theyll think your doing it to rat them out. especially when you say you have bud to match
  6. I was the same way, I ran Cross Country and Track, so people didn't really expect me to smoke. Just talk to your friends that you know smoke about it in class, and just be like we should smoke some time. Or go to some parties, thats where i did the first of my smoking.

  7. Seems so true. The one person I've toked with from my school, him and I are so much closer now that we have one thing in common. Hahha.

    Listen to me very closely. When I started smoking weed I started wearing a rasta hoodie and I'd everyone would be like "oh cool dude you smoke? That's sweet maybe we should blaze sometime" and I was so excited because literally everyone in all of my classes asked me and they were really nice.

    A week later I find out that literally all of them except for like maybe 10 kids told on me and I got sent to rehab.

    So please... Please... Only tell the people who have a joint in the hand, have red eyes, and a neon sign over there head that says "I smoke weed"

    And when someone asks you if you smoke say NO

    This will probably be the best advice you will ever receive on your life. So read this 30 times.

  9. Yeah. I put a ton of thought into this, but then again, 90% of my high school are complete stoners. Rather than your traditional book club, we have a club called "book klub" and all they do is meet at a local park and blaze up. So, there's not much to worry about getting caught, as long as I'm not caught with weed in my pocket or whatever. It is very good advice, though. Thanks!
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    Alright good. Just be smart and make sure they're really stoners. I don't think they'll turn down an offer to smoke weed. Good luck :)
  11. Really Codee? I would easily refute any 'evidence' presented to me when somebody with 'authority' found out I smoked, there is literally nothing they can do about it.
  12. ok walk up to them mid sesh in the park smoking a joint. they'll be like "what the fuck man you smoke weed i thought you were a fag" just be like nah dude i blaze hella trees get their cellular devise numbers and i think you can live your life without assistance from grasscity from there.

  13. Damn your school is literally the exact opposite of mine haha. I'm pretty sure 75% of the juniors and seniors at my school smoke. Our Senior ditch day was on 4/20. haha
  14. Haha, this would be so epic. :hello:
  15. Dress like a gang member and get gang tattoos all over your hands and face and do gang signs at people, people will assume your a gang member and will most probably smoke weed
  16. I can't tell if this post is incredibly idiotic, or if it is trolling.
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    No dude I'm serious I got sent to recovery my 2nd week at a new school. A lot of kids ratted on me.

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