Str8 Rippped and B0ngloadchick's First Grow

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  1. hi everyone this is me and my g/f first grow together we both have gown our own plants before we were together but sadly my plant got stolen (outdoor plant) and hers had to be given to her friend because she was moving out of the apartment she gave it to her friend instead who was staying at the apartment and it died because of poor care. but anyways this will be way better anyway. right now all we got planted is some beasters but the stain of ice cream should be sprouting in a week or so but here is what we got so far

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  2. Bad idea to grow all 4 in the same pot. Transplant shock will kill seedlings, or if you leave them, they will become cramped.
  3. 1 plant per pot unless you want to waste time/$.
  4. Ditto on those guys..

    The more info and pics you put up, the more help youll get.;)

  5. yea i know i need to transplant but do yall have any suggestions on how i should transplant when they are this small and these pics were taken from last night and today so they are the same size now maybe a little bigger but only 2 leafs still and can i tell if they are male or female at this stage. i know how to tell when they get older but can u tell this young?
  6. No way of telling sex yet. Way too young.

    It'll be very hard to transplant. Really should have grown in a different pot.
  7. at that size they are easy to transplant. Tap roots are still pretty short. Just loosen the dirt around it and GENTLY pull it out. Put in a good medium and you are ready to grow. In the most basic aspects.
    It seems you do need to do some research though.
  8. yea we are transplanting them now as i type this there is the first one that i just finnished she is doing the other three

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  9. Hope your sprouts grow big and tall! :D
  10. there we go:hello:

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  11. Much better. Remember not to love them to death. What is your reflective surface? Almost looks like shiny exterior insulation.
  12. Cover those stems with dirt man. All the way to the leaves.

    What kind of light you got there? Unless its a MH you're going to need to move it much closer and get more (I'm assuming its cfl?).
  13. ^ as well as what YoSmokinMan said. Cardboard grow box + water + Electricity + heat = bad.
  14. HAHAHA i agree but its one of those reflective windshield things for a car so ur car doesnt get hot so i think the cardboard is safe from the heat lol girlfriends idea lol shes the brains behind the operation but yea we got a 150 watt high pressure sodium light:D
  15. o yea i also finished the bottom so it doesnt look all fucked up like it did before

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  16. Can't wait to see the ladies!
  17. Research CFLs

    Id suggest getting some 6500k for veg, your plants will respond much better to that light than the HPS..

    Also research light spectrum..

    Good job transplanting, looks like you got it.

  18. compact fluros over 150w's of hps, really? I'd guess the 150 would be better than 60 or 100w of fluros, maybe supplement the hps with them to add some light power

  19. 2700k-3000k HPS lamps are for flowering, theres a lot of red in it, the spectrum flowering plants flourish under..
    5000k-6500k MH or Fluoros are for Veg, more blue light, perfect for vigorous stem and leaf growth..

    This is just if you want the right light..

    As far as what light to use
    Compact fluoros if you wanna go the easy route..
    A Fluoro system if you wanna spend some money..
    Or you can go with and build your own custom system. I built a 3ft 3 bulb 120w fluoro fixture for 55 bucks..

    At least get some supplemental 6000k in there.
    Trust me, plants LOVE fluorescent lighting!
    Make sense? Im pretty high

  20. honestly I like starting with hps lights, the only time I use fluos is for my mothers and thats only to save money on power bills and because they dont get so hot.

    I think unless you want to spend more and get a mh there is no problem with keeping the hps. Just make sure its not getting too hot.

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