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  1. so theres this girl in my class and i am absolutely crazy about her.
    i got her number the second time we talked but i soon found out that shes reallly not a phone person at all.
    we click pretty well in person and she looks at me in this certain way that just makes my heart melt.
    so im not afraid to ask her out but for some reason i can NEVER get her alone.
    i even waited after class for her just to see if i could get in some alone time but this girl does not leave her friend.
    i really dont want to ask her out in a text or a phone call, but what else can i do?
  2. Next Time You See Her Just Say Something Like " Hey, (Name) Can I Ask You Something In Private After Class" Feel me?

  3. maybe it would be easier if i texted her that in class? cuz i would have to say that right in front of her friend.
  4. Thats Not A Bad Idea. Do That, Tell Me How It Goes.

  5. forsure man, i have class with her on wenesday, ill update the thread with results lol

  6. why dont you jus casually ask her to hang out?
  7. She's not a phone person...?

    Call her. If she doesn't answer, leave a message that asks her to call you.
    When you get in touch with her, ask her out to dinner.

    Or, you could be a real man. Approach her regardless whether her friends are right there. Lay down the law, tell her you've got a big dick and you want her to join you for dinner.

    Maybe since the friend would now know you have a big dick, you can get some friend pussy on the side, ya dig?!
  8. maybe, like add her on facebook? and then go on fb chat or private message....
  9. this might sound strange but you could aalways ask her if she wants to have lunch know, weekend thing, get to know each other thing....

  10. dont do that. if you dont want to ask her out via text/call why would you ask her out via facebook?

    if i were you i would text her during class and be like "hey can i talk to you alone after class?" might sound a little creeper but w/e

  11. um, i dont want to be rude, but if a hot stoner guy from my class started talking to me on fb chat i would be over the moon
  12. Dont ask on fb and dont ask her on the phone.

    Ask her in person. If her friend is there, so be it. Do it infront of the friend, their gonna find out anyways.

    But be careful, you don't want a girl that doesn't leave her friends side. Dating 2 without all the benefits sucks ass!
  13. idk i just dont want to put her on the spot in front of her friend.
    and shes not like most people who like texting big conversations.
    this girl never even texts in class ever, which for a teenage girl is kinda astounding in itself i think.
    also this girl doesnt have a facebook, i know, in this day and age right?
    but shes different like that.
    and unless my stoner sense is off i dont think she smokes.
    im kind of hoping ill just catch her after class walking or something..
  14. shes probably stoned heaps, and like me forgot her facebook email and password :)

    keep us updated, like just talk to her sit with her and her friends at lunch or something, with your friends, like a big happy circle and everything will turn out, like a fairytale!
  15. lol it just doesnt work like that at my school.
    everyone is so divided, i fuckin hate it.
    well i have class with her tomorrow morning, all i can hope for is an opportunity to ask.
    id rather not text her to stay after class, idk it just sends a vibe that i have something really big to ask her.
  16. Texting is lame just ask her friend if you could get a moment with her... it's not too much to ask..
  17. smoke a bong, but dont inhale, run up to her then blow all the smoke out and her friend wont be able to see, then grab the girl and run away together, and when the smoke clears her friend will be standing alone going 'what?...'

    :) just do it!
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    this chick sounds amazing man... Not a texter, doesn't use facebook... get on that. I can't stand girls who text all the time and especially hate the over the top face bookers. You got a good ass old school girl who is not easily found by a lot of guys through facebook and shit. She can probably actually have a conversation face to face to... not being the text chatter and all. Lock that down.

    Just casually ask her to grab some lunch sometime. It doesn't matter if the friend is there because no matter what if they are always together she's gonna hear about it either way. You know girls haha... :rolleyes:
  19. well blades now im even more confused.
    so i decided fuck it im gona text her in class asking if she could wait up becuz i wanted to ask her something.
    so i send the text and she doesnt even check her phone.
    eventually we make eye contact and i mouth the word phone.
    she smiles and says no.
    me already being high in this class am sitting there like what the fuck does that mean.
    class ends and she bolts away with her friend like always.
    so i think im just going to ask her friend to find out whats up.
    i really do like this girl but im starting to realize that maybe we just arent a good match.
    im a stoner and shes a good girl, i mean not even checking your phone in class?
    shes just so damn special i cant stay away :/

  20. dude just ask her... forget the texting forget the friend.

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