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  1. O.K.- I was 18, was renting a small house behind a bar. Our band would play in my living room, we'd open the door and have a bunch of people by and by nightfall we'd have a rager going. Well, the bar owner had enough of us taking his business9he only served 3.2%beer cos of a school across street, a law) and our beer was 6 percent of course, prob didn't have any effect on people leaving and coming to my house. Anyway, the cops came, arrested me for serving minors,(my house) and my drummer, he claimed responsibillity for the keg, and at the cop shop there was a big pile of weed on the floor of the evidence room and as I walked by I dove on it. Swam in it! The cops pulled me out of it, my drummer fell down in the hall from laughing too hard (we were wasted) anyway thank God they dropped the charges.
  2. i bet your one of the few people that has swam in weed
  3. lol awesome, you shoulda stuffed yer pockets!! hahaha
  4. Haha...thats pretty funny...i would have loved to see that
  5. hell yea man! you should eaten as much as you could.
  6. Yea, I should have at least eaten some, but I was so loaded & it happened so fast...oh well, it was definately memorable.
  7. Funny story

    Now, why do the cops have all the good weed, and how often do you think they take a little off the top home with them for some r'n'r?
  8. Sounds like fun other than getting arrested!
  9. yea man i bet the cops pinch a little weed all the time
  10. damn dude thats fuking kewl, i would of fukin stuffed my mouth and pockets with weed, or just ask if i can take some home for a souvenier!!! hehe j/k thats really kewl though.

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