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  1. lets make a pothead story 6 words per person :) ill start...

    One day i was walking by
  2. the streets that had the cars
  3. that makes no sense i was walking by the streets that had the cars ok?

    then i saw a creepy
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    old bastard with another masked man

    Edit:Another rule should be to wait like 2 or 3 posts between your own posts.
  5. ,the man was a known pedophile.
  6. ashley quickly began to
  7. i thought this was 6 words?
  8. search for a sharp machete.
  9. 6 or less :p
    she grabbed it and slowly
  10. assassinated herself because
  11. thats used as a buttflap
  12. she decided to kill everyone because
  13. hahaahha

    After she castrated herself she
  14. the thread died
  15. because locnar ruined it all!!
  16. Someone make a new one, thats kinda tight. idk if stoners can keep it up like what happend above lol
  17. ok ill restart ...
    on a dark alley corner
  18. The world ended mysteriously.


  19. :hello:

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