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  1. Ok so for starters, my weed tolerance is so so f*cking low. Sooo i get way way too high. So for example, i picked up my boyfriend before working out and we smoked and everything was fine driving until we reached a road in my neighborhood where all the trees and scenery looks the same. I don’t know how to describe what happened but... my eyes tripped out and we ended up driving on the freakin curb and i couldn’t feel it or see it until my boyfriend mentioned it. my eyes.... like.. zoomed in on what was forward. but like... when you see a picture and a couple of the same picture getting bigger around it... like... (to visually describe, think of a small square and a bunch of other squares under it that are larger... it’s so hard to describe) but yeah, my eyes tripped tf out. But i spoke to some friends and they said that’s happened to them before as well.
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  2. Also, one time i got way way way too stoned (and like i said, my tolerance is very weak) so... a group of friends and i were chillin, smoking by a bayou and my friend goes, “bro, looking at the sky while you’re zoomed is something else”. So i laid down and looked up at the sky. & i’m the type of person that like.. really enjoys the world and earth when i’m high. So we were getting up to go back to the car and every time i got up, i’d start seeing black (like when blood rushes to your head when you get up too fast) and i couldn’t see until i laid back down and looked at the sky. So i tried getting up a few times and walking and i just felt better looking up at the sky. So it started raining and i couldn’t feel the cold nor the rain, but i did see a rain drop come close to my eye-up close. Anyways, greened out later that day but yup, that happened. .-.
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  3. Sounds like you just got too high.. next time don't smoke & drive:confused_2:
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  4. ^ exactly

    High or not, I wouldn't let you near my car :roflmao:

    Don't smoke more than you can handle, pretty simple.:poke:
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  5. Get off the road, i value my life.
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  6. yeaaa i got off right away and switched with my boyfriend anddd that’s never happened again andddd i don’t drive high :)
  7. bruh FIRST of all, i can drive pretty good when i’m sober. SECOND, every time i smoke, my stupid ass tells myself not to smoke too much and then i end up going past my limit. but i’ve learned to control it....i suppose that’s how you’d put it
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  8. Haha i was pretty stoned when i replied. Just be careful anything could happen. Ive done some driving drunk and I'm not proud of it though nothing happened one night i dont even remember driving woke up with weed next to me.

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