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Story time

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PublicEnemy20, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Alright peeps, time to tell the GC community a good fucking story. You guys start and if this thing gets rolling like it should, I'll throw in a good one or two I've had with cops and dealers and what not. Just think of a story that you find worth mentioning, any kind of story, and it should be fun.

    I find personal stories to be pure fucking amazing and interesting. The best times in my life have been the great conversations I randomly happen to have with people, and the stories they tell me. :smoking: Let the high times begin!
  2. One time back in high school me and a few friends went to this cool party. There were lots of people and good music and dancing but parents were home so smoking and drinking were a no no, well anyways I brought an eighth of good mids and me and him hopped the host's backyard fence into this field to smoke. We were crouched down and it was some Vietnam looking shit and I was sketching. Well anyways I heard some dogs and saw a light come on, so I killed the bowl ran for about 100 yards with my friend behind me , looked back and just ate complete shit in a briar patch. It was funny but man was I cut up, so we walked along some main road and snuck back in the party and grinded on some women. Forgot to mention that was my first party and one of my favorites. SORRY ABOUT THE LONG READ.
  3. i wish all stories had pictures man
  4. I live in a university residency dorm where about half of my floormates partake in the herb. One is an exchange student from the Netherlands. The uptight RA on duty smells him smoking in his room and calls the police. They arrive, knock, he answers and admits to it because the smell was overwhelming. After forty minutes of questioning and gathering information, the police are about to arrest him. The cuffs are in their hands when he says, "Would it help anything if I have my medical card?" "Yes, you won't go to jail."
  5. That was funny but 99% of universities don't even allow medical to be smoked on property

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