Story time, passed the f out TWICE in a row at school. Why? Any such experiences?

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    A couple side-notes that could be important: College student. Have been toking regularly (once a day, sometimes stay clean for 1-3 days). I haven't toked the day before. Ive smoked way more and was absolutely fine. I haven't cleaned my vape in a WHILE at the time. I have never fainted before in my life. I have no medical conditions that I know of. I am in a decent shape, gym is a big part of my life.
    As usual, I got in my car and, packed about a .5 in my vape :vaping: and went on my way. Finished it after about 15-20 minutes, feeling pretty high, relaxed, everything is normal. Took me probably another 10 minutes to get to school. It was getting pretty hot out and was probably around 75 already. Before going to class I went to the bathroom to check on my eyes. They were pretty unusually gone, maybe because I haven't toked a day before idk, but both eyeballs were this -> :inlove: color. So I put my eyedrops in and walk to class, sit down and start acquiring knowledge :hippie:...or so I thought I would.

    About 20 minutes in to the class and almost an hour after vaping shit starts going downhill:confusedalt:. I remember sitting there, watching the prof walk back and forth writing all kinds of maths on the board, but at that point I could not concentrate anymore. I was still pretty high, which is fine, but on top of that I started feeling something else. My head started getting really hot, but at the same time I could FEEL my face turn cold and pale:confused:. My general state of mind started getting cloudy and at that point I had no idea what was happening to me, so I just tried to stay as lowkey as possible and wait for this weird shit to go away. Now mind you, I sit in front of the room and my math prof giving us a lecture 5 feet away.

    Around 5 more minutes go by and this shit is not only getting worse, but its getting WEIRD. Professor's words start to almost echo, at one point I hear my notebook fall from my desk, land somewhere around my feet, but for some reason I barely give it a thought and just continue sitting there, nothing on my desk, for another several minutes before realizing "holy shit I dropped all my shit on the floor and didn't even look at it, I should probably pick it up." Everything is still cloudy. I feel dizzy as if looking at my own blood.

    I gather my powers and start reaching down to pick my stuff up....and FREEZE half way through the motion, bent down with my hand extended towards my notebook. I swear to god it felt like a blackout/zone out for what felt like 10 minutes before I snap out of it and finally pick it up. At that point, like 30-35 minutes in to the class, Im finally starting to freak out a little. I started to wonder if my shit was laced...but it couldnt be, i been smoking same bud for a week now. I felt like my brain was literally shutting down, like going from 100% to 95%, 90%, 80%, 60%, 40%...There is no way I pass out in the class, not only would it be embarrassing but I I just smoked and had more bud in my car, I really did not need cops or nurses getting involved. So I finally gather all the will power and get the fuck out of the room and walk to the bathroom before its too late.

    I wanted to sit inside a stall or something and calm down, but there was a person in there, so I walk up to the mirrors, my face is thing I know I am on the floor opening my eyes and the guy that was in the stall is standing above me asking me what the fuck is going on and if im fucking with him or something lmao. I get up and tell him i dont know, still feeling extremely retarded, sort of like someone suddenly woke me up in the middle of the night. Only thing I have on my mind right now is to get to the sink to wash my face with cold water, I proceed to do so and at the same time try to to talk to the guy. He asking me if im on drugs and if I took acid or something and naturally im going "Nah nah bro im good now, I dont know what the fu..." next thing I know im sitting on the floor AGAIN, my back against this dude's legs and he is waving his hand infront of my face, I remember regaining my vision w/o opening my eyelids, so I passed out again with my eyes... open I guess.

    I have no idea how much this bathroom event lasted, but THANK GOD this guy did not start freaking out and calling people. He wanted to take me to the nurse, but I obviously didnt and after I got up the second time I told him that I really feel better now, he goes "yeah thats what you said last time." But I really did feel much better. I told him that I just wanted to go and chill in my car and calm down and he obviously started telling me that he is worried and he doesnt want me to drive (which I absolutely wouldnt anyway). So we just ended up walking outside to a shade and chill there for abit, it was weird because as soon as I got outside and felt the fresh air, almost INSTANTLY I felt not only not high anymore, but dizziness and everything else was gone instantly. I thanked the guy, we shook hands and went back to our classes. When I got back I still had 45 minutes left of this 1hr and 45min long class. Its been several days since, smoked a huge blunt yesterday (4:yay:20) and no such symptoms.
  2. You're blowing your opportunity for an education. Since you're going to class stoned to the bone I hope you're paying your own tuition and not wasting someone else's money.
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  3. Sounds like you were dehydrated man.

    Even if it's not too hot, that shit can sneak up on ya quick. Drink more water.
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  4. Lol I remember when I was in 8th grade I smoked a bowl in the bathroom and went back to class so high I put my head on my arms on the desk, the teacher asked me what was wrong and I said I was sick, she told me I don't look so good so I should see the nurse if I didn't feel good by the end of class
  5. A half gram for 1 session? What vape are you using you could roll a joint with that.

  6. dilligaf
  7. I work and pay myself for school, ill be honest I do go to school high (not stoned) pretty often, but it doesn't affect my grades and I still do all my work.
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    I am using the cheap g pro or whatever its called, its first vape I bought about a year ago at this point and to be honest its still going strong even though people generally hate it. The chamber is more like 0.4 actually I think.
  9. Thing is, I dont know if I was fighting it and prolonging the fainting out of fear of dropping on the floor in front of the classroom, but it was like a 10 minute progression of literally my brain going from 100% to 0%. I also naturally don't drink as much water as recommended, so idk...I really do hope it was just a simple dehydration even though this never happened before. Hmmm now that I think about it actually, I am currently cutting up for summer alittle and I am pretty sure you drop a lot of water weight first couple weeks of dieting, that plus me not drinking enough that day could actually probably lead to dehydration and fainting. Hopefully thats what it was, Im a young guy and the thought of having some condition scares me.

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