story time: For all you stoners

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stoned_24/7, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. okay today I woke up grabbed my already rolled joint & headed out the door, went & smoked it on some rocks over looking the water & a light house, sat there for a nice amount of time just memorized by the beauty of the ocean & the lighthouse & everything going on around me how awesome it really was. Well I seen some rocks over yonder below me I venture over there & lay down get comfortable everything starts to drift & I feel asleep..

    Well I wake up & decide to head over to my friends house which is usually were I smoke, we smoke a nice blunt, I get high go home eat some pudding pie with the rents now being high I take a large chunk of the pie, my dad ask "what do you got the munchies" I just smile & laugh then my mom ask if I smoke being I dont care if they know or not I say yes... & being I dont got a job it wasnt the best of decisions.. but im on the hunt for a job.

    sorry for the rant im high :smoke:
  2. Wat did your parents say?
  3. werent exactly happy but not to angry, if they started to flip out I would of pulled the dads a bigger stoner than me card I worked with him last week & he rolled a blunt on the way to work & rolled a blunt on the way back from work so I mean... come on now:smoking:

  4. your dad is awesome
    chill parents ftw

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