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  1. anybody have any kick ass stories of being high in school or smoking in the parkin lot during lunch or something along those lines? im stoned as balls right now and think it would be AMAZING to hear some stories since school is just startin up.

  2. worrrrd hahaha

  3. ok under the grandstands at the football feild, there was a hole so u could sneak under and smoke, man all these girls where smokeing cigs, and i was smokin on a quarter with some seniors( i was a freshman) and boom...priciple walks above us,,,tells us to come out, so everyone goes out.. im like fuck that. and ditch my weed. and went out the oppistise side and ran up a track threw some bushes over a fence threw 2 doors and found some chick to pay me with girly perume. i was so high......and no one ratted, on me
    and i found my weed.

  4. man ive got millions of stories like that... heres one, i believe it was my junior year on a monday morning and i had eaten a bunch of xanax the night before so i was still feeling super barred up when i woke up.... as usual i was fogging out my car with a blunt in the school parking lot with my best friend T.. we got out of the car to get our stuff to head to class when i realized i had locked my keys in my car (still fogged out) so at that time i had to get a security guard to jimmy my lock open... when he did he was hit with a nice cloud of chronic smoke.... he just smiled at me :D
  5. 1985, Me and my buds, Tommy, Sean, Jeff, David , and Mike. Maybe you are out there reading this. It was in highschool somewhere in the deep southeast. We had a bottle of Chivas, stolen from Seans dads bar in his home, who (dad) was also Chief of Police in this town. Mixed with 13 doobies, also from Seans cousin Rico. I remember we rolled 13 joints before the Friday night football game. Anyway there is a railroad track in the woods about 100 yards from the stadium.

    We were drunk and stoned beyond belief. We were all new at this shit, so I remember spinning and vomiting and spinning more. It wasnt pretty. I found some lead strips about 3 feet long and 3 inches round, I forget who did it first, but they laid the lead on the railroad tracks. So we all started doing this, and then added rocks, and another lead strip and more rocks until we had about 5 piles of lead and rocks on the railroad tracks.

    You guessed it! A freight train with 4 engines came, we all watched in total fear, not realizing what we had done because we were drunk, suddenly, I was sober. The train jumped off the tracks and ran along the side spraying dirt and rocks and trees all over the palce, It was like something out of a movie, and looked in slow motion. Almost immediately an overwhelming smell of fuel was in the air and a fire started within seconds. It was a dry summer and the brush and forest lit like matches.

    By the time we made it out of the woods running, about 2000 people were running from the stadium screaming, even the players and coaches were running. It was quite a scene! I remember looking back and seeing the flames shooting a hundred feet in the air, engulfing the forrest. It was bad, and hotter than hell.

    Well we managed to burn 3 acres of forrest, Destroy 4 freight engines and burnt down are football stadium, and gym. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured, only some scrapes from running and falling. Only one person was running the train, and he escaped unharmed.

    For the entire school year to follow, the railroad detectives came around and interveiwed every student that was at the football game, numerous times. Apparantly the damage total was somewhere around $750,000. Knowing this would destroy our lives and familes lives, we all managed to this date to keep our mouths shut. Until now, HaHaHa! Names are changed, but you know who you are if youre reading this. That was one hellofa night! I will always remember, Thank God nobody was killed.
  6. Wow Standard now you got one hell of a story. I want to hear one that tops that. Props dude that was crazy
  7. :smoking:dude you got you adress in you sig doggy thera know its u:D
  8. you are hardcore my friend:hello:
  9. HaHaHa! The address in my sig, is another great story. I will have to share that one later, too tired to write it now.
  10. you kinda like climaxed this thread kinda early.......... that story was awsome
  11. One time when I was a freshman, me and some of my friends (4 of us) decided to climb on top the school at lunch and smoke a bowl. So we did. Little do we know we were running around making noise RIGHT ABOVE THE STAFF ROOM. We started crawling around slowly and we all look back and the fuckin principal was just standing behind us looking at us.

  12. hmmm well i used to have a perdiod where i would just sit there in the library n do nothing. it was called study hall, and the point of it was they gave us an hour to catch up on school work. mind you, i had to sit thru this shit like EVERY day. so....after like the 3rd day of study halll i decided that every day after that i was just gonna go in the book isle all the way in the back and smoke. oh many fuckin memories in the isle lol. oh yeah and it was acually safer to smoke in there since in the bathroom the cops would always come in and try to catch kids smoking...the library? totally safe, who woulda guessed lol
  13. About a good 80% if not more of my school smokes.
    Everyday at lunch or in between classes there would be people walking out, smoking in nearby neighborhoods (or my house, which is 5 mins away) haha.

    I start college on monday :p
  14. haha its hard to beat that story. thats fuckin awesome.
  15. i dont really know if i can top a friggin train, forest fire, and the such, but i have two pretty funny ones

    first one, 5th day of school in my junior year, we were sneaking out...the way we sneaked out was to walk past every class our friends were in, and get them out of there, either by going in and giving a fake slip, or just get some attention...

    so we got a few people and were just about hour..i hear my "*my last name*" and i thought it was someone asking for a cigarette, so i responded "its last my cigarette but ill give you half", and took it out and waved it back and forth..

    looked back, and realized i wish i didnt lead the pack, by the time i turned around my principal had my cigarette in half, and told me i better get to class before he changed his mind of letting me off

    another time of some funny

    senior year, i had a 94 or so t-bird as my first car...ran great, was a great car...and it had these weird seats that whoever put in before me must have been a stoner, as there was this nice hiding spot right on the seat (my memory is foggy on me, its just not comin to me how i would hide it...dammit)

    i smoke in the smoke in the morning, go home, smoke at lunch, come gets out, im leaving, i spark up blunt i rolled...anyway, im driving out of the school area, and all of a sudden, i see my substitute teacher on the side of the road, he sees me, and i quickly take out a cigg and light it to try to cover the smell of herb, roach my blunt and toss it on the floor..

    i roll down my passenger window, he said his wife borrowed the car, and she hasnt picked him up...i give him change for a pay phone...while hes back there, i look down at the floor matt and the blunt had not roached all the way out...oh fuck, theres a huge cloud of smoke, and a smoldering hole in my floor mat...fuck fuck fuck hes gonna see whats up and call the cops...i get the blunt hidden again, and the floor mat goes out after i took my boots and stomped it for a second (not an easy task when your high, got small legs, youve got to get over to the passenger side)..

    i see disappointment in his face, and he comes back, and ive known this guy since middle school, and there were a few times hes brought me home when my ride left (he knew my mom aswell, so its all good) he kindly asks if he could get a ride with me...i agree..

    couple seconds later
    "hey, so that blunt you were smoking wanna finish that up":eek:

    burn spots on a pair of work boots - 50 bucks
    burn hole in my carpet, and for a new mat - 30 bucks
    being asked to smoke up a teacher - priceless...wait, nope there was a good gram in that blunt, so including the phillie 11 dollars...

    ill note he was a younger guy (30 at most)...

    theres a few others tales..but ill save those...
  16. When i was a freshman there was this kid who we used to call shitface. I know its sounds fucked up but if u knew this kid like me you would never feel bad calling him shitface. ok back to the story it was his birthday and almost the last day of school. We were smoking in my friends car then after we finish we decide to give shitface birthday punches. We all puched him a good amount of times nothing serious, but this kid is so big and fat we didn't think it would be enough so we got a group of about 10 people ( i guess we got a little bit out of hand lol) and starting stomping him out on the ground and punching him then one of my good friends hit him with an old brook stick handle he found on the ground 15 8 inch little wooden spears going in his arm and then we all picked them out our hands and gave him neosporine because we didnt wanna get in trouble. Well thats it :wave:

  17. HAHAHAHA holy shit! :laughing::laughing::laughing: are you fucking kidding me!? :eek:
  18. Well one time in tenth grade me and a few friends decided during b lunch which is the lunch that give you a break half way through 4th hour that we all go smoke a bowl during lunch. well we sneak outside and start to smoke on the side of the chool right next to the gym with p.e. classes in it and well the teacher of the class walks right outside as the first hit is being taken. we all book it and go back to class. hehehe.
  19. one time i smoke a whole joint to myself (alot back then.... makes me lol now) at lunch in school went back to my lesson and was blitzed and everyone knew and it wasent funny.

    lets go gangster trippin!!!

  20. You're an asshole..


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