Story time. Describe your first experience smoking weed!

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  1. I was actually 'straight edge' until I was 22 years old. I had never even had any alcohol at that point in my life.
    On new years eve I finally got drunk for the first time in my life, I was more or less a social outcast who spent all his time on a computer (and still kind of do). However drinking made me much more social, I was invited to parties and people actually wanted to hear what I was up to.
    I'm one of those drunks who act like a complete idiot and make everyone laugh their asses off, I'll do just about anything if you get enough alcohol into me, which actually is how my fiancee came to be....
    Anyway when I was 23 I went through a lot of shit and some hard times, I was looking into religion, government, and realizing how much bullshit is thrown my way every day, I began to doubt things.
    This is when I began to doubt that marijuana was as bad as family tried to make it out to be. I finally decided I was going to try it and had a few friends that said they could get some. My sister who happened to abuse prescription drugs knew a dealer (cant say I was surprised by that) and before I could make it to my friends house they told me to stopped by and smoke a joint or two.
    I had never smoked anything before, it was all very new to me but I was surprised to see how easy it was to take a hit off of. That night was interesting. I was standing on a 2nd story deck smoking weed with my sister and her fiancee, fucking weird.... 
    I made it to my friends house later that night and we smoked a quarters worth while drinking heavily.
    I can remember standing against a wall for what seemed like hours just holding vodka in one hand and a pipe in the other. Most of the rest of that night is more or less missing from my mind.
    It changed my life though, marijuana is what loosened me up to ask out the women of my dreams. We both became stoners essentially overnight and have been for a good two years now with no signs of stopping.
    We smoke weed, enjoy life, and love each other.
    I never thought I would find anyone, never thought I'd smoke or drink anything and never thought I would enjoy life.
    Now I do, and I have no plans to go back.

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  2. Watching Archer (go figure :D)
    Colors became very vivid
    Time slowed down like crazy
    Happy warm feeling
    The show became the most interesting thing in the world
  3. My first time was in my 7th grade in summertime, I had just got cool with my friend and I went with them to pick up, and I asked him "Hey dude, how does it feel to be high?" and he replied "It's a good feeling, dude." and his cousin came and we went into my buddy's bathroom and went and hit it out of a small acrylic bong with a weed symbol on front. Ah, I got so high I passed out on his fucking porch then we went to pool and tripped out.
  4. Smoked a joint got totally baked out my wee tits,and thought "yea this is for me"....
    Haven't looked back since :)
  5. My boy 👍
  6. First time I ever got blasted was my 5th or 6th time smoking, I was in freshman year, smoked a dub of some dank behind our library, I had tunnel vision and then got extremely paranoid after, good times.
  7. My first time to smoke weed was awesome, i think i was down to 2 blunts and couldn't go on because i was in an hallucinating state, not the reality type but clear enough pictures while i walk home absent minded. I didn't want the feeling to end, before i got home the munchies had crept in and i remember eating jollof rice and it tasted ever better, i bought other petty snacks to while away time as i was galloping home. That was a yr ago, ever since, MJ had been a good companion...
  8. i was geeked asf
  9. So i was 17 the first time "officially". Bought £40 worth of dank g13 haze from some dodgy dealer outside maccy d's. Rolled the shittest spliff and put it in a matchbox. Got to my friends party, and one of her friends had brought like £100 worth, off the dark web, but he hadn't actually paid for it due to an error. Toked for the first time through a bong, but was already kind of drunk, and didn't inhale that much, just held it in my mouth mainly. Got my cheeks proper stoned (inbetweeners reference). Anyway, like three days after smoked at home after having bought my own glass bong. My god it was awesome.

    Started trying to smoke at 1600, however epic fail, as smoking through the side arm. Then began actually toking at about 1730. non-proper ignition and not much inhaled. 1800, actually into it how to turn bong to the side to properly light, and inhale while lighting. 1830, feeling like had 1 small corona. This is shit, this fucking evening cost nearly £15. This is interspersed with briefly listening to the dark side of the moon. Laugh in bursts.
    1900, oh my god, on rush of endorphins, downed 5 shots of vodka in one go (metaphorically). 1915, mental clarity, fuck it stinks in here, shit…….shit. Dad, fucking going to smell it, will tell mum, however lucky didn't do this on friday. 1930, franticly hiding evidence of evening. Go to buy febreeze. Guy on way back scary. Heart racing. Sit down. 1955, Take off , start to type on laptop really weird slow cross jamiaican american slow voice, time slows down, fingers mould like mesh of the universe. I am nothing, can be deserted by my very own guilt at not being good enough in this universe.
    20000, chilling to brian eno, and start writing.
    Fingers speed up and elation at day
    2045: watching Easy A, pretty funny like this
    2045:munchies [​IMG]

    After that smoked next day, smaller amount like 2g worth. I looked out of my window, chimney looked beautiful. A two D image loooked 3d on my laptop like a hologram, looked better than 4k resolution, that was sick. Also felt kind of chilled out, and melted into my chair for five mins.

  10. The first time I smoked was when my uncle gave me a metal.bowl and a gram of mids and said have fun. The next day I smoked it. All of it. And then all I remember is laying on the couch and every time I moved it felt like I was jerking real hard but I was just twitching a tiny bit. It was crazy wish I could go back
  11. Oooh boy was I zoinked..
  12. At first I was like [​IMG] STOKED gonna get HIGH for the FIRST TIME! Then I got to the spot where I was to blaze for the first time with this girl I knew and was all like [​IMG]then she pulled her piece and got her weed and i hit the spoon for the first time and i was like [​IMG] because i didn't know what to feel except confused because I wanted to feel boobies and I ended up sitting on a couch watching a crazy weird violent movie about beating people to a pulp [​IMG] but the movie wasn't Pulp Fiction because I like that movie about drugs and shit. Oh yeah and I don't think I got high at all, but I ended up getting that girl a job where I worked until shit went downhill when she brought her blonde friend too...
  13. Parents gone for the weekend, so I went to hang out with a friend who had been smoking for a couple years. We decided to go back to my house and smoke because no one was home, but just to be safe we smoked in a old playhouse about a 1/4 mile back on our property in some trees. We rolled the shittiest joint from some probably not that great weed (I didn't know anything about weed then). We smoked it, I was high as a motherfucker and walked back into my house to get some water, and as I walk in from the garage, the dog sitter my parents hired walks through the front door! I freaked out, grabbed an empty cup, yelled that I'm going out with friends (she was in the same room as me, idk why I yelled) and ran out of the house into my car with my friend. We proceed to have the trippiest 3 hours ever

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  14. Terrible was sick and turned paranoid. Homemade bong down the river
  15. Smoked in the forest with some friends from high school years ago. It got dark pretty fast, and then weed hit me out of no where. This chick we were with started asking me questions about how I felt, and If i was okay. At the time it was sort of like an interrogation. They just kept asking me questions and all I could see were the outlines of their shadows, but I just answered honestly. I wasn't afraid or freaking out, but rather calm and aware of so many things around me and within myself. It was a good first experience.
  16. everyone remembers, i have not that bad of a memory and i dont remember, probably because i was trying to get it for ages before it
  17. ok so my older half sister that lives in seattle was in town for the week and wanted to smoke with me. i agreed and lied to her and told her i'd smoked before because i didn't want to seem lame seeing that she was a seasoned smoker. anyways the whole family is over and me n her sneak out to the garage, i started off only taking 1 hit off her pipe but she insisted i smoked more... i didnt want to seem like a pussy so i kept going, i ended up taking 3 super strong hits, i had no idea what to expect. so i walk out of the garage while she stays and finishes smoking after taking a couple steps i suddenly was locked in place i just started giggling and i didnt walk into the house until she caught up with me and was like 'the fuck are you doing?'. i go in and sit down and im fucking tripping out. like i legitamitley thought i had died or was in a different dimension or something it took me like 5 minutes to remember that i had smoked and thats why i felt weird. i went in the bathroom and stared at my reflection in the mirror for at least 5 minutes... trying to focus and get a grip on reality lol. my mom knew beforehand what we were doing and was ok with it, so i get her alone and tell her "mom, im really fucked up" lol she tol,d me to drink orange juice and that it might help but nooo it did not. i remember trying sooo hard to act normal. my other sister asked me to restart my computer as she was fixing it for me , i stared at it for like 10 minutes and she as like "are you gonna do it?" its a touch screen so i started pressing buttons and i remebered thiking that the screen felt really fuckin weird. somehow no one caught on to me. but i ended up watching my 2 year old nephiew whilst i was stoned out of my mind, it was awful i thought i was going to drop him. after everyone else left and it was just me, sister and mom we convinced mymom to take us to get coffe and i swear the barista was laughing at me lol good times
  18. The first time I ever smoked, I was over at a friends house and we were talking about how I wanted to try it. He said "I have a little bit you can have if you you want it" I accepted it. It ended up being about two grams, pretty sweet hook up for free (although I had no idea how much that really was back then) he then left and I was chillin with his brother. We decided to roll up, and we smoked the joint down. I didn't even cough once, I had figured it be much harsher. Afterwards, I just couldn't stop eating chips, and I couldn't stop laughing at whatever conversation was going on. When I went home I slept like a baby and ever since then I've been a toker. 😁
  19. The first time I smoked, I did not get high. My cannebinoid receptors did not get raped until the 4th time I smoked.
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  20. Was before a Deep Purple Concert when I was 17

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